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The Atlantis Rubber Company - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 7 Words: 2023 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Business Essay Type Analytical essay Did you like this example? John smith, the founder of Atlantis Rubber Company, started his business of tire-mounting patent in 1900, with total assets of $2000. At its initials he earned $110,000 by selling the tires of another company but later he purchased a building in 1902 to start manufacturing its own tires, by hiring twelve employees at this place. In 1960s the company has been voted as one of the best among the ten team-managed companies of the United States. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Atlantis Rubber Company" essay for you Create order The company was organizationally very strong because of its good management which is very important for the success of the organization and there able to survive at the time 1930 when there was a disastrous economic crises for many American firms. The company is now the world leading manufacturer of tires, by having market of 3000 different sizes of tires and more than 10,000 other products of plastic and rubber and many more. There are more than 75,000 employees including men and women working in almost 24 countries of the world. Along with this, the company owned a network of more than 750 stores in the United States. This case revolves around the young man of twenty seven years, Ken Bonner, who worked as an accountant at the home office of the company. The company had its own college for training the engineers, accountants, chemists and many more. The purpose of this training was to make the employees get aware of the history and business of the company in the morning ses sions and to make them more practical in the work they have to do by dividing them in groups. The training session was about of eight weeks and devotion to achieve the goals of the organization was stressed on every employee. The company had great expectations from the individuals who once became the member of the college training. The college training session made every member to realize that they are elite members and their future with the company is bright. When Ken received his first assignment, he gets really disappointed and he started thinking whether his future is bright or he just became a part of the small business of his town, but later on with the passage of time, he desired to be a part of the company. Problem statement: The company was more task-oriented and very restrict to his rules and regulations. They follow the conservative behavior approach to avoid any loss in the business. This was the reason that even when the manager of the Accounts Payable felt the need of more staff in the department, he didnt go for it. Promotions were given only to the employees who were the members of the college training program and the rest of the people had nothing to do with this benefit. There was the lack of coordination among the departments as the employees of one department dont know the employees of other department. There was no concept of employee relationship and employees were made only to achieve the goal of the organization. Although conservative management has its benefits but its not preferable in the organizations at its growing stage. The management of the company was not up to date with the technological changes in the environment. The company was at its best in management in early 1960s but it didnt make changes in its management with the passage of time. The employees were not allowed to talk with each other or to visit to doctor during the working hours. Through this company can achieve its goals but never be able to retain its employees. The case revolves around one man Ken Barron, who moved to different departments, during his job in Atlantis Rubber Company. Ken experience in one department was totally different than in the other department. Issues, Discussion Recommendations Issues Discussion and Recommendation In the first ten to fifteen years of the job, there were some set patterns for job promotions and job titles through which every manager and executive has to pass. Promotion was only given to the employees who were the member of the training college. The competent employees need to be encouraged in promotion whether they are or not the member of the training colleges. This will make them to give more benefit to their organization in achieving their short and long term goals. If the company gives promotions on the basis of their membership it will discourage others employees working in the company and they definitely leave the organization. The management needs to better understand the best promotion practices in order to improve the level satisfaction of the employees (Hooi, 2012). Conservative Management approach was used in achieving the targeted goals. The company was not innovative and no changes were made by the management in its strict rules and regulations with the passage of the time. The company needs to be more relationship oriented. In this way it doesnt only achieve its targeted goals but can make its employees more satisfy with their job. Relationship oriented management practices n the organization results in better outcomes (Toles Anderson, 2011). They need to revise their strict rules of working only so that employee will not even thin about to leave the organization. No extra pay was given to employees for the extra work they used to do in Saturday. If the employee had to work on Saturday because of workload, the company never paid him for the extra work. This only discourages the employee and de-motivates them from doing further work for the company. The company should need to give some incentives to their employees in order to retain them. The management trust and rewards are found to be the predictors of employee satisfaction, which in turn influence the extra role behavior of employees (Reychav Sharkie, 2010). Staff wa s insufficient for the required work. The manager of the company seems to be reluctant in hiring the new staff because he doesnt want to endure his own record of the single job, by the poor performance of the employee. Every employee was given the independent task and he has to complete it. This cause stress in the employees and quality of work is also disturbed. The work should be divided among the individual employees so that they perform their task in an efficient way. Break was insufficient and talking to each other was not tolerated during the work. The working environment of one department differs from the other department of the company. When Ken was in Accounts Payable department, he was not allowed to talk to other employees and the break time also was insufficient for relaxation. But when he moved to the other department, he found the environment bit different. The company needs to provide equal working environment for all the departments. By giving priority to on e department can only de-motivate the employees of the other departments. The working environment or strict rules of the organization are the source of stress in the employees (Jung Yoon, 2013). If someone gets ill he was not allowed to visit the doctor. This seems to be really awkward that someone is ill and he wasnt allowed to see a doctor during work. The company should need to have flexible rules regarding health issues. Even though the company should appoint his own medical officer within the company so that it provide immediate health treatment, if someone is ill during the work. The clerk employee had to come for extra work on Saturday without giving extra pay, and he didnt even told that what he had to do actually. The employees at lower level were not even told that what they need to do actually. They just had to do all work by their selves. If there were any load of work in the department, the clerk had to come on the Saturday and he was not given the extra pa y for that work. This results in the dissatisfaction of the employee from their seniors. The company needs to give incentives and benefits to the employees for the extra work they do. Although they dont leave the organization but the quality of work will be affected. The study has shown that extra work on weekdays or more working hours only lead to dissatisfaction of the employees which in turn increase the intention to leave the organization (Nabe-Nielsen, et al., 2010). There was a Communication gap between the departments of the company. The employee of one department was unaware of the other employees of the other department. Secondly, the employees were not provided with the sufficient information for the work they had to do. The company needs to communicate all the tasks; this will motivate the employees to do the work effectively and efficiently. The employees need to be well communicated about the tasks, this will not only enhance their motivation but the productivity can also be increase (Tohidi, 2011). The working environment was not friendly and few of the departments were equipped with the working facilities. The cost accounting department had only the facility of telephone. The employees were giving the opportunity to have friendly working environment. The rules were not so strictly followed there. But the rest of the departments dont have any friendly environment or direct connection with their managers or supervisors. Ken worked in different departments and he was very satisfied in the department, where the environment was friendly and cooperative. This increases his motivation satisfaction towards his job. Manger support and cooperation is very important for the employees, this will keep them motivated and can reduce the turnover rate. The studies has shown that supervisor support can reduce the turnover rate if he fully understand the needs of the employees, and provide them equal opportunities for career (Yang, et al., 2012). T here was no concept of training, workshops for the new work and it was up to the employee to perform and did his task. The employees were not provided with the training facility, if they assigned a new work by the supervisor. It was totally up to the employees that how they had to do the work because the seniors were only concerned with the outcomes. The company should need to give training to the employees in order t improve the productivity and quality of the work. Training will simply add more profit to the company. There was no concept of job analysis. The employees were not told about their responsibilities at the workplace. They had to figure it out by their selves that what they need to do to achieve the targeted goals of the organization. Job analysis is very important because through job specifications, employees get to know about their duties for a certain position. Conclusion The Herzberg motivation theory reveals that there are certain factors which make employees satisfy or dissatisfy at the workplace (Herzberg, 1959). The company policy, rule or regulations, working conditions, relationships with the seniors are some of the dissatisfaction factor for the employees, which make them to leave the company. Lack of support and trust, stress from overwork can also be the reasons of dissatisfaction. Although Fred was happy with the company but he left the organization when he got attractive job offer from the other company. The research has shown that motivation at work place and retention both are linked to each other, if the employee is motivated he will be satisfied to his job and career advancement which leads to his retention (Maka Sockelb, 2008). Good culture, organizational environment and the most important is recognition all play an important role in retaining the employees. If the company wants to retain its employees he has to make a proper plan or retention strategies. Training, mentoring, incentives are some of the very good retention strategies at workplace. The employees will be more satisfy and retain with the organization if they have provided with the opportunity of training for new skills (Costena Salazarb, 2011). Communicating the things effectively at the workplace will encourage the employees to perform their effectively and efficiently. The only thing now the company has to do is to be employee oriented rather than business oriented. If the needs of the employees are fulfilled they will remain satisfied and will give more benefit to the company.

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The following are equally important reasons why Stalin was...

The following are equally important reasons why Stalin was able to hold onto power in the Soviet Union: The purges and show trials The secret police Propaganda and the cult of personality Stalin’s economic policies. Explain how far you agree with this statement. Stalin used to methods to hold onto power in the Soviet Union these were fear / coercion and persuasion / consent. If people were not persuaded by Stalin’s personality and economic policies they would be scared into supporting him. From the outset Stalin was particularly aware of his image and the importance and power of propaganda. He came to power partly as a result of his creation of a cult of ‘Leninism’ and by†¦show more content†¦An example was the first of the great show trials where sixteen ‘old Bolsheviks’ and hero’s of the civil war including Kamenev and Zinoveiv were but on trial accused of being directly responsible for the assassination of Kirov, a popular leading Communist, in 1934. Although Historians believe it is more likely that Stalin was responsible for the murder and extremely unlikely that Zinoveiv or Kamenev had anything to do with it. They all confessed to their crimes. Stalin propagated an image of himself as the father / protector of the nation with posters and statues of himself in many Russian town and cities. He also ruthlessly controlled the media to ensure that the Russian people were only given such information as he saw fit. An example of this is the fact that Trotsky’s vehement criticisms of Stalin from the various countries he lived in abroad were kept from the Russia people and indeed Trotsky who had been true hero of the revolution was blamed by Stalin for much of Russia’s problems at the time. Trotsky is also a good example of Stalin’s use of terror when propaganda alone would not succeed since ultimately unable to silence Trotsky in another way Stalin had him assassinated. In the same way Stalin could not bear any challenges to his authority andShow MoreRelatedOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 Pagesseveral points both before the year 2000 (the collapse of the Soviet Union, the reunification of Germany, the surge of globalization from the mid-1990s) and afterward (9/11, or the global recession of 2008) when one could quite plausibly argue that a new era had begun. A compelling case can be made for viewing the decades of the global scramble for colonies after 1870 as a predictable culmination of the long nineteenth century, which was ushered in by the industrial and political revolutions of

Psmp Unit 1 †Reading Report †Federalism Free Essays

Purpose: To inform the reader by outliningthe dialogue that took place at the ASSA/IPAA Federalism Rountable in May, 2007. Wanna summarises discussions on the: -historical trajectory and present characteristics of Australian federalism; -perceived shortcomings and challenges surrounding ourcurrent system of government; -relevance of federalism both from an increasingly globalised national perspective and within a nation of small population and relative cultural homogeny; and -various suggestions from those present to bring aboutreform. 77) Argument/Findings The Paper articulates the collective findings of those present at the Roundtable. We will write a custom essay sample on Psmp Unit 1 – Reading Report – Federalism or any similar topic only for you Order Now Wanna makes comment on some main themes that emanated e. g. whilst considerable faith was placed in a clearer demarcation of governmental roles and responsibilities to address federalism’s perceived current ‘malaise’, Wanna notes there was nothing put forward to firmly support this assumption and consequentlyquestions the true worth of articulating and clarifying roles and responsibilities. The Paper highlightsthe Roundtable’s observationthat numerous federal nationshave tended towards centralisation in recent times, coupled with declines in regional and localised identity; it predicted a gravitation of national issues to the Commonwealth level and a shift of regional and service delivery issues towards State governments over the next 20 years. There was consensus that greater trust, ‘strategic pragmatism’ and improved intergovernmental relations were needed to reform federalism and provide enhanced policy outcomes for the Australian community. (149) Evidence The Paper provides a firsthand summary of discussion, findings and suggestions from a Roundtable of politicians, senior state and federal public servants, and academics, supported by background information papers from credible sources. (32) Observations The Paper is a record of a collective discussion, notan argumentative essay. The does not, nor does it purport to be, a balanced view of federalism in a broader or historical sense. -Roundtables by their very nature are high level and do not allow for drilling down to the finer details of an issue; this is worth bearing in mind when considering the article as some of the context may have been overlooked in relation to the finer points made by participants. The Paperhighlights that federalism has by necessit y proven to be a much more flexible and dynamic governance structure than waslikely envisaged at its inception;it could be argued that federalism’s seeming robustness and changeability is entirely appropriate to what is now a highly changeable local, national and globalised community, despite looking markedly different to what it may have first looked like at federation. -It is submitted that the need for greater levels of trust between levels of government to make federalism work is potentially made more challenging by the dynamic of our two-party system of government. 185) Other relevant or related readings 1. Keddie, J. N and R. F. I. Smith. 2009, ‘Leading from Below: How Sub-National Governments Influence Policy Agendas. ’Australian Journal of Public Administration, No. 68 Vol. 1, pp. 67-82. Rather than outlining a perceived malaise and decrease in the relevance of the States in our federal system, Keddie Smith argue that States have a responsibility to ensur e they remain integral tobroader policy and decision-making agendas. (45) 2. Hollander, R. And H. Patapan. 2007, ‘Pragmatic Federalism: Australian Federalism from Hawke to Howard. ’ Australian Journal of Public Administration, Vol. 6 No. 3 pp. 280-297 The Hollander Patapan article provides broader historical analysis that seeks to explain fundamental aspects of our system of federalism and conclusions on why the trend of centralisation has occurred. (30) 3. Parkin, A. 2003, ‘The States, Federalism and Political Science: A Fifty-Year Appraisal. ’ Australian Journal of Public Administration, Vol. 62 No. 2, June, pp. 101-112 The Parkin Paper provides broader analysis of the state of federalism than both the Wanna and Hollander Patapan articles, providing a fifty year appraisal of Australian governance from the States’ perspective. (32) How to cite Psmp Unit 1 – Reading Report – Federalism, Essay examples

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Symbolism in William Blake’s Poetry an Example of the Topic Literature Essays by

Symbolism in William Blake’s Poetry William Blake belongs to the most famous English poets, though his poetry was recognized only after his death. Firstly, the term romanticism was used in the middle of the 18th century and it caused popularity of symbolism. William Blake re-shapes English poetry due to his symbolic world outlook and his desire to show the real world through hidden and concealed meanings of the words. Blakes symbolism is based primarily on personal feelings and emotions and he paid little attention to fact because symbolism promoted individuality, creativity, imagination and rejecting of values. Through symbolic poetry William Blake tends to express new values, new political ideas in order to promote the ideal brotherhood, equality and fairness in the country. Moreover, Blakes symbolism is very lyrical and his poems are filled with passion, though Blake tends to use subversion of symbols. (Appelbaum 1996) Need essay sample on "Symbolism in William Blakes Poetry" topic? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed Actually, all William Blakes poems are very symbolic, though it is necessary to underline that The Garden of Love and London both seem to be the most expressive and touching because the author wanted to protect his original and unique perception of the society and the world in them. Blake is strongly interested in symbolism and, therefore, he is not simply a poet, but rather an artist who wants to show aggressive, repressive and cold nature of religious and political regimes. Symbolism is used to underline the end of traditions and desire to fight against oppressors. His poetry isnt correct; instead, he seems to be rather concerned with imagination and experience being the most important for him. Blakes poems illustrate that the real meanings are symbolic ones. The purpose of London and The Garden of Love is to awaken inactive imagination, to show hell and paradise, to stimulate new vision and to prove that the world can be changed and improved. Students Frequently Tell Us: Who wants to write essay for me? Essay writer professionals advise: London by William Blake is a poem telling about society being troubled by the mistakes of the previous generation. The poem describes dirty streets of London, its social environment and political events. Actually, the language of the poem is rather expressive and vivid, because the author tends to provide common words with new fresh meanings in order to achieve the desired expression. The author uses spoken observations of a symbolic character to narrate and to refresh the political and social problems endangering citys residents in the beginning of the 19th century. (Appelbaum 1996) Throughout the poem William Blake uses the symbols and images to convey the message directly to readers. For example, first two stanzas are characterized by word choice because the author wants to set the mournful atmosphere. Interestingly, the reader is introduced as a wander through the charted society. In such a way the author shows that every person is marks of weakness, marks of woe. The words cry and every are the symbols of depression afflicting the whole society. The phrase mind-forged manacles assumes that the narrator is mentally instable. (Appelbaum 1996) The third stanza represents the use of religious and destructive symbols. For example, chimney-sweepers cry symbolizes that society is trying to cope with the causes of depression. Religious imagery blackning church symbolizes the loss of innocence and, possible, represents societys abandonment of religion. The hapless soldiers sigh symbolizes the war and men who have no choice but to serve in the army. Thus, Black uses the sense of destruction stating that people are forced to cope with weakness. The last stanza of the poem reveals the most complex meaning. For example, youthful harlots curse shows that next generation will be affected by the sinful deeds of the youth. Plagues are the symbols of curse, whereas marriage hearse aims at confusing death and eternity. The poem is very symbolic representing vividly the sorrows and weaknesses of the society. Futher, symbols in the poem are used to show the evil effect of the revolution in the city. Through symbols the author shows the dirty streets of the city stating that the city is dying. Also he makes people see what London had become. However, symbolism in the poem is very dark and melancholic aimed at highlighting horrible environment and people who are forced to live in it. Symbols are images of shame, despair and death, though they are rather colorless and have nothing to do with the themes of the poem. Other symbols are the symbol of Christianity to show that power is strongly abused: How the chimney sweepers cry, Every blackning Church appals. Thus, this chimney sweeper symbolizes the child who is lost and is forced to work in the dirtiness of the church being in its turn the symbol of punitive crime and absolute power. (Appelbaum 1996)Industrial revolution was a time when it was difficult for women to find job and they were forced to become prostitutes to survive in difficult times. Evil effects of the revolution are emphasized through symbols as well: How the youthful Harlots curse, Blasts the new born infants fear, and blights with plagues the marriage hearse. This phrase symbolizes womens despair because the city was killing itself when forcing women to sell themselves for money. Women become ill and men, consequently, get disease from prostitutes and bring disease home to their wives who are bearing children and, thus, children are born with disparities. In such a way the city is self-murderer. The carriage of the married is the symbols of the inevitable death and funeral. The Garden of Love is also filled with symbolic and concealed meanings. The poem tells that life and happiness should be pursued. And in order to achieve the desire effect that author refers to religious symbols to show that love and negative can be on a par. However, negativity is strongly concealed by symbols. Central problem of the poem is conflict between individual and organized religion. Thus, William Blake states that he doesnt support the church as an institution and through symbols shows that religion can be destroyed along with creator: thou shalt not writ over the door. This negative phrase symbolizes destruction and limitations. Actually, symbols in the poem are both positive and negative. The words green, love, bore sweet flowers are the symbols of breath and life and the eternal desire to seek for creativity and individuality. (Appelbaum 1996) The church is represented through negative symbols conveying pessimism and positive meanings. Blake shows symbolically that negativity has power over positive things. The garden of love itself is the garden of death and the church is viewed as evil because it doesnt allow poor people to come in: And the gates of this Chapel were shut. The church symbolizes inequality and power of the rich over the poor. Flowers in their turn are compared with tombstones. The author uses new buildings, graves, black gowns as the symbols of darkness and negativity. The positive symbols are seen only in the first stanza, whereas others are overflowing with negative meanings: And I saw it was filled with graves, And tomb-stones where flowers should be: And Priests in black gowns, were walking their rounds, And binding with briars, my joys and desires. (Appelbaum 1996) The next moment to mention is that the voice in the poem is the symbol of time and inevitable changes. In the first stanza the voice is exploring, pure and innocent: I went to the Garden of Love, and saw what I never had seenWhere I used to play on the green. Nevertheless, with poem progression the voice is constantly changing because the church possesses more power over environment: And Priests in black gowns, were walking their rounds, And binding with briars, my joys and desires. Religious symbols are used to show that love is dined. The only environment in the poem that symbolizes positivity is refugees who are willing to find shelter. They support love, whereas the priests deny it because they have to follow celibacy. (Appelbaum 1996) In conclusion it is necessary to admit that both poem London and The Garden of Love brilliantly enters readers into the inner world of William Blakes personal feelings, emotions and thoughts. Blakes symbolic poetry is very creative and amazing because it encourages, stimulates and inspires others in the world. Blakes poems make people think that world should be seen from fresh point of view and things can be another than they are though to be. Works Cited Appelbaum, Stanley. English Romantic Poetry: An Anthology. New York: Dover Publications, 1996.

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Immigrants Essays (1654 words) - Demography, Population, Free Essays

Immigrants Essays (1654 words) - Demography, Population, Free Essays Immigrants Should the United States take on more immigrants? Is the United States hurting from immigration problems? These issues have been debated on for generation. "According to the Immigration and Naturalization Service, approximately 300,000 illegal immigrants enter the United States annually" (Cozic 12). This large number of immigrants causes many different emotions. For some Americans, immigration is an adversity. Many Americans past and present have reacted to immigrants with fear: fear of unemployment and lower standards of living, fear of different religions and races, fear that immigration is spoiling the U.S. for those already here. The issues of immigration has three important topics: first, the understanding of the history behind immigration. Second, the effect immigration has on the United States. Third and finally, the economic issues associated with immigration today. The history of immigration in the United States is quite interesting. Between 1820, when the U.S. begin keeping count, and 1987, over fifty-four million people left their former homes and migrated to the U.S. (McClellan 12). With the exception of native Americans and African-American descendants of slaves, everyone in the U.S. today is an immigrant or is descended from immigrates. It is really quite interesting that Americans today feel so strongly against immigration when if fact they themselves are immigrants. "Today the United States takes in more immigrants than all of the other world's nations combined" (Dudley 13). However, even though these facts are true, Americans seem to continue to fear immigration. During the late 1980 the government passed a immigration act called the Simpson-Rodio Act. This allowed all illegal immigrates living in the country since 1982, legalization. "This allowed more than 3 million aliens to live here" (Griffin, 363). It also gave employers strict fines for hiring illegal immigrants without documentation. "The idea behind the employer sanctions was to diminish or eliminate the demand for undocumented workers, there by reducing their incentives to enter the country" (McConnell 731). This did in fact slow down the number of illegal aliens simple because their was no jobs that existed for them. However, some illegal immigrates were once legal, with a visa. This gave them the right to work in the United States; however, the visa expired making them illegal. "Experts say roughly 40 percent of the 200,000 to 300,000 people who become permanent illegal residents each year are actually people who overstay visas" (Griffin 372). Therefore, by legalizing ! a large number of illegal immigrates didn't help the situation nor did the strict laws on business. In fact it only caused people to come up with better way to get around the system. The problem with immigration isn't that the United States doesn't allow it. Right now the United States accepts about 700,000 immigrants legally each year, more than the rest of the world put together (McConner 733).However, what possibly could happen if the United States closed all of its boarders. Ruben Bonilla, president of the 100,000-member League of United Latin-Americans Citizens, argues that "undocumented workers, in addition to playing a positive role in the economy, actually increase tax revenue by paying for Social Security service they seldom use" (McClellan 42). The problem with just outlawing immigration is that, Mexico especially would self destroy. The economy of Mexico would fall and the United States could run the risk of a Socialistic society coming in. So to just outlaw of immigration would not benefit the United States in the long run. Therefore, in what ways are immigration benefiting the United States. Obviously, legal immigration has profoundly influences U.S. society. According to Rodman Griffin "Numerous studies conclude that migrants enhance productivity in a number of ways" (364). Legal immigrants take on seasonal jobs that most Americans won't do, immigrants work hard, and they pay taxes. All of these things are beneficial to the U.S. According to Dudley, author of Immigration; Opposing Viewpoints, Compared to natives, immigrants save more, apply more effort during working hours, have twice as great a propensity to be self-employed, have higher rates of participation in the labor force and are unusually self-reliant and innovation(81). However, their are the illegal immigrates that live a life of mystery. Meaning, that they don't benefit the economy in anyway. They usually get paid under the table and

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6 Foreign Expressions You Should Know

6 Foreign Expressions You Should Know 6 Foreign Expressions You Should Know 6 Foreign Expressions You Should Know By Daniel Scocco Whether you like it or not, foreign expressions represent an integral part of the English language (and of many other languages, too). Knowing the meaning and usage of the most used ones is very important. First of all because it will enable you to understand pieces of text that include them. Secondly, because you might also need to use those expressions on particular situations (avoid using them just to sound smart though). Below you will find 6 foreign expressions commonly used in English, enjoy! 1. De Facto De facto is a Latin expression that means â€Å"actual† (if used as an adjective) or â€Å"in practice† (if used as an adverb). In legal terms, de facto is commonly used in contrast to de jure, which means â€Å"by law.† Something, therefore, can emerge either de facto (by practice) or de jure (by law). And what of the plastic red bench, which has served as his de facto home for the last 15 years and must by now be a collectors item? (NY Times) 2. VisVis The literal meaning of this French expression is â€Å"face to face† (used as an adverb). It is used more widely as a preposition though, meaning â€Å"compared with† or â€Å"in relation to.† Its going to be a huge catalyst in moving the whole process forward and it really strengthens the U.S. position vis-a-vis our trading partners (Yahoo! News) 3. Status quo This famous Latin expression means the current or existing state of affairs. If something changes the status quo, it is changing the way things presently are. Bush believes that the status quo the presence in a sovereign country of a militant group with missiles capable of hitting a U.S. ally is unacceptable. (Washington Post) 4. Cul-de-sac This expression was originated in England by French-speaking aristocrats. Literally it means â€Å"bottom of a sack,† but generally it refers to a dead-end street. Cul-de-sac can also be used metaphorically to express an action that leads to nowhere or an impasse. But the code of omerta was in effect for two carloads of fans circling the cul-de-sac to have a look at the house. ( A cul-de-sac of poverty (The Economist) 5. Per se Per se is a Latin expression that means â€Å"by itself† or â€Å"intrinsically.† The mistake it made with the Xbox is that there is no game console market per se; there are PlayStation, GameCube, and Xbox markets. ( 6. Ad hoc Ad hoc, borrowed from the Latin, can be used both as an adjective, where it means â€Å"formed or created with a specific purpose,† and as an adverb, where it means â€Å"for the specific purpose or situation.† The World Banks board on Friday ordered an ad hoc group to discuss the fate of President Paul Wolfowitz (CNN) Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Expressions category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:Creative Writing 10150 Diminutive Suffixes (and a Cute Little Prefix)How Many Sentences in a Paragraph?

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Evaluating the impact of international environmental laws on oil and Essay - 1

Evaluating the impact of international environmental laws on oil and gas - Essay Example GEP-Oil is under attack from environment conservation agencies on its oil exploratory methods.This has led to the firm abandoning oil exploratory activities by GEP-Oil which has been operating in the Russian northern hemisphere. Oil exploration in the northern hemisphere is exceedingly complicated and an extremely expensive investment and GEP-Oil had entered into partnerships with investors from out of state in order to be able to explore for oil reserves in the arctic region. The effects of the attack by the environmental groups will mean that the firm cannot and will not be able to meet its obligations to its partners. On the other hand, GEP-Oil cannot ignore the issues that have been raised against it because it wants to be conformable to environmental protection practices and also wants good partnership and trust with the local community. This means that GEP-Oil must carefully and quickly address the situation to resume its oil exploration as soon as possible. Recommendation(s) G EP-Oil should be able to address the issue while involving the relevant stake holders in the process. This will mean that GEP-Oil will have to closely work with environmental groups in order to ensure that their issues and concerns are well addressed. This will also mean that GEP-Oil will need to involve the local communities in order to also ensure that their concerns are also taken care of. By doing this, GEP-Oil will be able to overcome the challengers posed by the situation as well as mintage any risk of the situation happening again. 1. Background of the issue The issue of environmental degradation caused by the oil exploration is one that every oil exploration firm should be able to look at carefully. GEP-Oil has found itself in the midst of the issue and this threatens to interfere with the operations and the success of the firm. GEP-Oil has being accused by environmental agencies of being careless in the way it carries out its exploratory activities. Because of this, GEP-Oil has been affected in the way it operates because it has stopped some of its operations in order to deal with the situation first. This scenario is threatening to kill the numerous employment opportunities that the firm affords the residents. GEP-Oil is also likely to lose its reputation because this has affected its ability to continue with its obligations which it owes its partners in business. On the other hand, GEP-Oil does not want to create the wrong impression within the community it operates and this has meant that the firm has to tread extremely carefully around the matter. In this paper, these issues are addressed in detail and alternatives to dealing with the situation are taken. 2. Impact of Oil/Gas Production on the Environment According to Mushkat (87) businesses are seen to promote environmental degradation by the very fact that they promote economic activity. The exploration and production of oil leads to a damage of the environment and this means that producers of o il will have to take necessary measures to mitigate the damage done to the environment. GEP-Oil will have to understand this in solving its current situation. There are a number of ways in which GEP-Oil can remedy the situation and convince environmental groups to accept that it needs to go on with oil production in the arctic region. One of this is sustainable development. As Beyerlin (2011, p. 84) says, sustainable development refers to the fact that natural resources should be exploited in a way that leaves no or little damage to the environment. This law is recognizant of the fact that exploitation of natural resources will have to be done in order for survival of human beings on the planet. This will be GEP-Oil’s biggest defence against the accusation. Oil is an immensely useful to the community and it is

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Clinton Trial Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Clinton Trial - Essay Example However, in 1998, he was accused for perjury and obstruction of justice during a case against him. These two accusations were related to a scandal concerning a white house intern. Although he was acquitted by the U.S Senate and completed his term in office the trial marked a great part of American history. Clinton’s Trial President Bill Clinton’s trial for the charges brought up against him of perjury and obstruction of justice, started in January 7 1999, in the Senate. As indicated in Article 1 of the United State Constitution, Chief Justice William Rehnquist of the Supreme Court was sworn in to preside over the trial and the juniors sworn in were the 100 senators. This was the second time in the United State history that the senate conducted a trial of a head of state (Sigelman et al, 2001). The origin of Clinton’s trial was in a sexual harassment lawsuit claimed by one Paula Jones in Arkansas in May, 1994. Paula Jones was a former Arkansas state employee. Paul a claimed that in May 8, 1991 while she was helping to staff a state-sponsored conference at the Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock, a member of at that time Governor Bill Clinton’s security, Danny Ferguson, came to her and told her that the Governor was asking to meet her in his hotel suite. Jones saw this as an opportunity to advance her career therefore she took the elevator to the Governor’s suite. According to her statement, Jones claims that when she got to the suite, the Governor, Clinton at that time, continuously made increasingly aggressive moves on her. In her account, she claimed that the Governor forced her to do sexual things but, according to the security guard outside the suite, Jones looked happy when she got out of the Governor’s suite. The lawyers of Clinton asked the court to dismiss Jones claims in 1997 saying it would only disrupt his work at the white house but the supreme court ruled against the president and allowed the discovery of the case to continue that was in May 1997. An independent Counsel Ken Starr was the one in charge of the investigation ( Counsel Ken had history with investigating the officials in the white house although many of his cases had failed to hold in court for example his case on the land deal years earlier known as White-water. It was during this investigation that he got prove of Clinton’s misuse of power by being intimate with an employee, Monica Lewinsky. Consequently, Clinton’s trial had a lot of impact to the political sector mainly in Clintons rating and publicity. During this Lewinsky/impeachment controversy, Bill Clinton received the highest job approval ratings of his administration. Furthermore, as the Lewinsky situation unfolded, Clinton's approval in terms of his job went up, not down as was expected. Moreover, his ratings remained high for the duration of the impeachment proceedings. However while Clinton's job approval rati ng went up during the scandal with Lewinsky and the trial, his poll numbers though went down concerning the question of honesty, integrity and moral character as a political leader. As a result of this low ratings about his moral character and honesty led to change the political leadership of the United States. George.W.Bush was the president elected defeating Gore in the 2000 presidential elections and according to

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Parking the Car :: Short Story New York Papers

Parking the Car Today has been like most days. I wandered in a dreamlike state from class to class, across a campus with falling fiery leaves, up three flights of beer-stained stairs, into a room littered with the debris of my chaotic existence, and straight back into a chronically unmade bed. I chased images and thoughts in my mind, getting nowhere, while faintly aware of music drifting from my computer. I closed my eyes without trying, and dreamt without sleeping, and thought without thinking real thoughts. I spent as much time luxuriating in nothingness as I could, before the bar of guilt and responsibility clamped down on my shoulders, compelling me to do homework, to think about thinking. Now it is back to nothingness. I am lying on our dorm room floor delighting in an unexpected snack. "This is damn good stuff," I say, shoving a tortilla heaped in salsa into my greedy mouth. "This is amazing," Thea agrees, shutting her eyes to intensify the already orgasmic experience of eating homemade chunky salsa. I disregard the desperate and pained pleas of my hall mates as small pieces of tomato fly from my overloaded tortilla onto the rug. The poor chip is terribly weighed down and breaking under the pressure, causing salsa to slide off on all sides. I remember that in a moment of frenzied sanitary obsession last week, I actually cleaned the toilet. There is, therefore, no reason to be clean now. I recline in a salsa-induced stupor, squinting in vague curiosity at a plate of cookies in the kitchen. I try to ignore them, but I just can't. Eat us, they hiss. I saunter lethargically into the kitchen and engage in a momentary face-off with the provocative plate of cookies. My heart speeds up for a moment as I weigh the attributes of each cookie. I don't want to make a mistake and take the wrong cookie. That always happens, and I end up resenting my cookie and asking it why it can't be more like the other cookies. I finally settle on the biggest one, though it does seem to have fewer raisins than the others, a drawback that bothers me. Nonetheless, I secure my fingers around the cookie in a defensive death-grip, which means I'll be eating a cookie as well as a little bit of everything else I've touched today. Oh well.

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A Well Known Musician

Billy Joel is a well known musician who has sold millions of albums throughout the world. Billy Joel has also won multiple grammys and several other awards. He has worked with many other artists and is affectionately known as â€Å"The Piano Man.† Over the years, Billy Joel has broken many records including performing his 65th at Madison Square Garden. Today, he continues to succeed in his music career as he has over his many years as a musician. Billy Joel was born on May 9, 1949, as William Martin Joel in Bronx, New York. He grew up in Levittown, New York, and had two siblings a sister named Judith, and a half-brother Alexander Joel. His father was a classical pianist, and his mother encouraged him to play the piano. He started his career at a very early stage in his life, when he began taking piano lessons at the age of four. His lessons continued until he was sixteen years old. He was in three bands before the age of sixteen. He decided to start his music career after watching a famous band named â€Å"The Beatles† on the popular â€Å"Ed Sullivan Show. † In 1971 he came out with his first album after dropping out of high school to pursue his career in music. The solo album was called â€Å"Cold Spring Harbor.† Billy Joel then decided to move to Los Angeles and got a job soon after as a lounge pianist. After he performed in L.A. in his early years he chose to move back to Long Island. He still continues to pursue his music career around the world and currently lives in Long Island. Billy Joel married his first wife Elizabeth Weber Small in 1973. They had been partners for years before they married. In 1982 they separated from each other and both moved on. He then married famous supermodel named Christie Brinkley. They then had a daughter named Alexa Ray who was born on December 29, 1985. He then split from Christie Brinkley in 1993 eight years after they had their daughter Alexa Ray. Billy Joel met and married television food star and journalist Katie Lee. The two divorced after being married for six years. Billy Joel then went on to meet his current wife Alexis Roderick. They then married in 2015, and went on to have a baby named Della Rose who was born on August 12, 2015. Billy Joel sold over 150 million successful albums and has won multiple awards. Throughout his career his singles hit the top charts almost every time. Through the 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's his singles hit the top 40 thirty-three times. He received a Grammy Legend Award in 1990 and a Billboard Century Award in 1994 for his outstanding music. The Johnny Mercer Award was awarded to Joel in 2001 for being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1992. He was also awarded Musicares Person of the Year in 2002. Billy Joel received three Cable Excellence Awards for his American cable television programming. Joel was nominated for 10 Tony Awards and won one for Best Orchestrations. Later in Billy Joel's career he suffered from an alcohol addiction and was continuously in rehab. He then recovered going on to make more music throughout the early 2000's. Joel then released â€Å"All My Life† in 2007. The single was his first in thirteen years with original lyrics. Billy Joel performed multiple times at Madison Square Garden and broke records, selling out his concerts constantly. He made $46 million in sales as of October, 2015. Billy Joel is one of the best selling artists of all time, topping the charts numbers of time throughout the years. He has won several awards and sold out many shows at popular venues such as Madison Square Garden. Billy Joel has continued to perform and tour throughout the world today as the same wonderful musician he was years ago.

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Bullying in America Essays - 1107 Words

According to, seventy-seven percent of students are bullied. The definition of bullying has recently changed ( The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the verb â€Å"bully† as â€Å"to treat abusively† (Merriam-Webster). There is more than one way to abuse someone. So a complete definition, that comes from, is any type of verbal, social, physical, and cyberbullying abuse that occurs (Naas). Bullying is seen everywhere. It is talked about in movies, media, songs, and inside school programs. What makes the bullies, or aggressors, do what they want? How does the bullying effect everyone? Let us start with why the bullies bully. Ian Rivers, of Brunel University in the†¦show more content†¦ reports that, in 2010, roughly 160,000 students in the United States of America do not show up to school everyday, because of bullying (Naas). To put that number into prospe ctive look at the Quick and Loans Arena. The website reports this structure, once called The Gund Arena, has roughly 20,500 seats, for a normal event (Munsey, Paul). It would take almost eight full Quick and Loans Arenas to house all of the victimized kids who are too afraid to go to school. Many parents believe this is not a problem, because their kids are not effected. However, the very first statistic reported in this paper states that seventy-seven percent of kids report being bullied. With seventy-seven percent of a school population being bullied, the other thirty-three percent must witness or become the bully. Making this issue an inclusive problem. No one is left out of the equation and everyone is effects. The girls of the entire eighth grade of West Geauga Middle school only confirm this. They were asked to raise their hand if they had seen anyone, including themselves, bullied within the last month. Every girl in the room raised her hand. Not j ust one, but every girl (West Geauga Middle School 8th grade girls). And that is within the past month. This means that every one is effected. But, how is everyone effected? The victim and the bully are effected in different waysShow MoreRelatedEssay on Bullying In America989 Words   |  4 PagesBullying is an act that is an everyday occurrence in some people’s lives. Bullying can be direct or indirect. What this means, is that bullying can be in the form of violence such as hitting and kicking or in the form of verbal abuse such as name calling and teasing. Manipulation and exclusion are also forms of bullying. Bullying can be taken into consideration as a minor assault but any form should be taken seriously. Whether it is taken to an extreme, done over a long or short period of time, orRead More The Bullying Crisis in America Essays1949 Words   |  8 PagesSchools do not talk about it, parents do not know how to stop it from happening, but so many suffer from it, bullyi ng. Bullying has become the biggest growing issue in the world. So many people go through the day in silence while struggling to not let bullying affect them, but it does. Bullying happens in so many different ways, but no one ever talks about it. Everyday 160,000 people suffer from being bullied at school and half of those people will try to commit suicide because of it (Karmazin).Read MoreBullying And Its Effects On America s Schools Today2729 Words   |  11 PagesBullying, often labeled as just a part of growing up, is a major problem in America’s schools today. Although it is such a hot topic in our country right now, it is also a long ignored problem that only seems to worsen. The complication with bullying is that no one quite understands it, and it is not taken seriously. The definition of bullying is an overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people. In more simple terms, bullying is not a onetime incident; it is repetitiveRead Mo reBullying In The K-12 System In America Is A Serious Societal1211 Words   |  5 PagesBullying in the K-12 system in America is a serious societal issue. Bullying is commonly discussed and argued in our society, and it can be seen on the news and in the media very frequently. The problem with bullying is that it has been around for a long time, yet it is still not being fixed. Schools cannot continue this way because it damages young children and causes issues throughout the life course. As scholars have found, bullying leads to lower academic performance and low self-esteem, whichRead MoreThe Effects of Bullying, Especially on LGBT Youth927 Words   |  4 PagesIn America there are a lot of problems that don’t get full attention from people in power. One of the problems that are affecting the youth as well as adults is bullying. To find out more about this issue I will be looking into six articles that explain what bullying is, who is affected by bullying, the effect on LGBT children and what can be done to solve the problem of bullying. On this paper first, I will talk about what bullying is and the history of it. Second, I will talk about policies thatRead MorePreventing Child Abuse By Donna J. Stone984 Words   |  4 Pages Prevent Child Abuse America is one of my top list organizations that makes a really big difference to preventing child abuse. The Prevent Child Abuse America is the organization founded in 1972 by Donna J. Stone. Their mission is â€Å"to prevent the abuse and neglect of our nation s children.† This organization helped and saved many innocent lives who suffered from abuse. They offer children to be able to stand again and seek better opportunity despite of being a victim of child abuse. They haveRead MoreBullying And Its Effects On Society Essay1298 Words   |  6 PagesBullying, or being bullied, was once thought of as a normal process of growing up that had little to no impact in life. Now, it has become lethal e nough to even go as far to convince one to end their life or commit a felony. The action of bullying a person has increased not just physically but also through the cyberspace world. As the world’s internet continues to expand with more social media and entertainment pages like Facebook, WorldStarHipHop, video blogging website, music video promotersRead MoreCyber Bullying Is An Action Of Harassing Or Harming People Using Technology945 Words   |  4 PagesCyber bullying is an action of harassing or harming people using technology. It is increasing with the increasing technology. People of all ages are victims for this where majority of them are teenagers. It includes posting rumors or gossip about a person and insulting them or sometimes it may include morphing of their photos and posting them in social media networks to embarrass them. A victim can t cyber predict the cyber bully and is difficult to know that person. A cyber bully can be any unknownRead MoreCyber Bullying : A Study of Long Term Effects on Adolescent Cyber Bullying1561 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction: Cyber bullying is a topic that has been researched many times. As technology changes, it is important that research is kept up to date on how victimization can affect present and future psychosocial adjustment issues. Cyber bullying is defined as victimization that intends to harm another through electronic means, where individuals can harm without physical interaction. (Tokunaga, 2010). Cyber bullying requires little planning and there is little chance of being caught. It is importantRead MoreThe Biggest Lie in History1100 Words   |  5 Pagespeople think of the United States of America are lies. Although we are all given these rights when first born, the way our society is and has been make that line of the Declaration of Independence a false statement. Examples of slavery, women’s rights, bullying, and segregation all contradict those words which the United States takes pride in. Slavery has been a big example of a violation of our civil rights. Slavery has been record ed and started in America back in 1619 when the Jamestown Colony