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Relationship Between Human Beings and Nature Essay

Now is the time for human beings and nature to collaborate. Normally, most people would say, â€Å"human beings always destroy nature.† It is true. However, only a few people know the truth of why human beings destroy nature. It is a huge mistake to think of nature individually. First of all, the main reason people destroy nature is to use trees as materials for paper. As everybody knows, cutting trees has been becoming a reason for global warming. In the past fifty years, the number of people increased more than ten times. Of course, ten times more paper is consumed. The number of the trees in the world has been decreasing rapidly and the environment of the world is getting worse. On the contrary, there was some good news for protected nature. For example because of advancements in the economy, distribution of electric books helped to decrease the consumption of paper. Also, people think of nature more than before. Even now, the numbers of people in the world are increasing, so to have a good relationship between human beings and nature is not easy, it probably the situation is getting worse. We have to keep changing something. When I was living in Canada, I heard the Canadians have pride in protecting the earth. For example, Canada has a lot of natural resources, but they never sell these. They think selling oil leads to the destruction of nature. They also have strict rules for themselves. It is a big violation if they hurt nature or animals. I often think about the world. Everybody knows how to collaborate with nature and how the world would change if we keep destroys. Individual power is really small, but nothing is changed if we do not change. So, now is the time for human beings and nature to collaborate.

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Optimistic or Numb Essay

For years, poverty is one of the pressing issues that India faced, and being the country that have one third of the world’s poor, most Indians are leading a life that people in the modern society can never imaging. They never had ample food to satisfy their hunger, nor a place to sleep and of course, not having clothes to wear and tear. Dangers were always around them and people would be killed so easily like if one is crushing an ant. And because of this, most of them give up hope and stop struggling to improve their lifestyle, and it is to the extent that they became too adaptable to misery and give up their rights of pursuing happiness. In the story â€Å"The Grass-Eaters† by Krishnan Varma, the main couple, Ajit Babu and his wife, Swapna are depicted as the poorest people in the Indian society, they lived a refugee’s life and are constantly on the move, even though Ajit Babu was a school master and is well educated, he was not leading a stable life. Despite the optimism attitude that Ajit Babu adopts towards the poverty and miseries he suffered, there actually lies a deep sense of despair underneath it. In order to comfort themselves and the couple forced themselves to give up some human nature for adapting the environment. This is why he is able to grow so accustomed in seeing the darkest side of society that he is able to watch it in peace and contentment. The author used symbolism to emulate the reality behind those contradictions, and to create a couple like them, â€Å"grass-eaters†, â€Å"home†, â€Å"railway† and â€Å"night blindness† (167-170) are a few symbols the author used to offer a distinctive angle of interpretations of this short story. Firstly, the most obvious symbol, the grass-eaters and since it is sets as the title, the author must have his own reason to this. This symbol plays an important role in the story development, as generally Grass-eater is use to define a type of animal rather than a person who is vegetarian. By using â€Å"Grass eater†, the author is trying to covey the idea that these people living in poverty are no longer living in conditions fit for human survival, but reduced to animals instead. In the later part of the story, the author describes Swapna as â€Å"fang bared, claws out†(167), which depict that she possess animalistic instincts. Secondly, in a good story, there is at least an important idea that the author is trying to convey and usually there will be hints running through the whole story. In this story, several repeats of the word â€Å"home† can be found easily. They refer to different places, or in this case, solid objects which plays different roles, but overall they share a similar meaning, that is to symbolize the incapability to control of one’s fate, especially for the poor. Commonly when it comes to home, most of us will link it with words like stability, security, family, privacy, comfort, memory and the most important, your roots. But, in this story, home does not represent this at all. Since the couple is constantly on the move, it shows the instability their life, from the start, they have to leave their own state, where their roots are and travel miles to Calcutta to avoid the riots in East Bengal (167). In their first â€Å"home†, which is nothing more than a footpath, it is so crowded that once you leave your place at night, you will not be able to find your place again (167); and there is no privacy, as sharing one home with strangers is very common, not only that, there is no security at all, since one might lose an ear by spending a night at such a place (167). In their second â€Å"home†, which is a wagon, even though they manage to get all the privacy they want, it is very insecure, since â€Å"That was not the only we went to bed in Calcutta and woke up in another place†(168). While privacy is very important to us but it is something we take for granted, but to the couple it is a heaven-sent gift. In order to let their fourth kid, Prodeep to be born in a proper place, they move to a â€Å"cement concrete pipe† (168), and it actually make Swapna feel very comfortable. As seen, the poor are very contented with such small improvement. This show they have when through a great deal of torment. In their last or most current home, the roof, Ajit Babu is pleased with the surrounding as the rental is cheaper as compare to other tenant yet they have much more space for their son to play (169). In this story, perhaps the author creates the absence of the common meaning of a â€Å"home† to show that, the places they live in badly lack stability, security, privacy, comfort and memory and only death will then grant the couple a place with all the things they lack of. As seen in the story, there is an eternal home to the couple, which is their tombs, the phrase â€Å"We have a son to do our funeral rites when we died†(170) appeared twice, and from this we can infer that the place can serve as a stable, secure, private and comfortable home for the couple. Since this is what the realistic world cannot give, so they resort to the reincarnation and hope that in their next life, life will be much fairer to them. This show that to the poor, maybe death is better than life in this real world. Thirdly, most of the couple’s homes are near a railway, which have a long, endless shape, and at some point of time make one feel like it is an never-ending way, just like life is endless, since you never know when will it endless and watching the approaching and departing train as though it’s a cycle, which is just like life. In the story, the couple are Hindus and Hinduism is a religion that holds the belief in reincarnation, where souls are being evolved through many evolutions. Therefore the railway has a meaning of being rebirth by linking the present and future. And since the couple are travelling to and fro the railway, it might symbolize their process of being rebirth into a better life, which we can see, that they are able to improve their living conditions as the story progresses. Finally the last symbol, night blindness, the author described as the couple as â€Å"nightblind† (169), there is three different interpretation to this, first, it could be refer as an illness, which is results from lack of certain necessary nutrition, since the couple are so poor, they are not able to afford food that can provide enough nutrition. Second, one can interpret night-blindness as a result of no electricity, because they can’t afford the electricity bills, thus they are unable to navigate themselves around in the dark. Both inferences are a subtle highlight that poverty is one of the pressing issues and people are suffering from illness and diseases because of it. However, night-blindness can also be interpreted being optimistic, in this case being blind to the darkness in life and the obstacles that they may experience, as the only way to survived in this realistic world, is to be numb to the sufferings that occur even if is against their own will. In this story, the author showed the reality of the poorest people in his society, through a way of symbolism. The optimism that Ajit Babu has is in fact a kind of escape from reality. He chooses the easier way out by ignoring the sufferings he face, rather than facing them and fight for his own happiness. Poverty certainly is awful. But what really matters is to try whatever means possible to fight against it, rather than pretend to be â€Å"enjoying† the poverty and believe in the so-called optimism. Works Cited Varma Krishnan. â€Å"The Grass-Eaters. † 1985. Rpt. in The International Story: An Anthology with Guidelines for Reading and Writing about Fiction. Ruth Spack. New York: St. Martin’s, 1994. 167-170

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Research paper-Chinese housing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Research paper-Chinese housing - Essay Example What was once conventional and sustainable way of housing is being replaced with better housing systems that can handle and accommodate better population size. China is struggling with huge population and as such the problem of housing comes naturally. As such it is as if the country is on building steroids. Everywhere across major towns and cities there are constructions taking place. One commentator notes that, china has evolved to become a colossal construction site. Old dwelling structures are being substituted for better dwellings. Even the dwellings that were considered better are also being made to pave way for even better dwellings. All this activity is in favor of producing homes for millions of Chinese citizens in the country. To get a magnitude of the construction taking place, it is an estimated figure that the country will construct in the 20 years more than 50000 sky crappers. With such impressive housing figures, questions are bound to arise on the effects of this constructions. While china has the biggest populace on earth, it also has the oldest medieval Chinese tradition on earth too. The population in the country has always been enormous since the ancient times and hence ancient generations had ways of solving the housing problems. Why then is the country changing housing formulae to a lot of sky crappers and generally high rise buildings. China had traditional Chinese dwelling that promoted neighborliness and good social progress. In dare need of solving human housing problems in china, the government is doing away with such dwellings and each time this is happening one more traditional culture is being killed. In this research paper hence, I have noted with keen interest that there is a short charge on the whole issue of solving housing problems in china. The country is building high rise buildings as a way of mass housing and quick solution to an enormous problem of housing. With that, there might be on comprise

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Blog Post Comments Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Blog Post Comments - Article Example This is mainly because of their sexual orientation. There are laws in place, which prohibit sexual discrimination and harassment in the workplace (cavallkm 1). Currently, many company policies also provide job security for the gay community. Employees are being desensitized and educated on equality and gender equity. Many believe that military work is masculine, and this is why the gay community finds it hard blending in such institutions like the army and the police force. It will take time before accept the gay community. Policies such as Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is widely in place as those of the gay community choose to keep to themselves. The case of Landon Wilson puts into perspective the challenges faced by the lesbian and gay community. They face constant discrimination in the workplace and usually find it hard settling in many work settings. In order for this group of people to be allowed to integrate with other members of society, it will take a joint effort from all the concerned parties. Not until recently has same-sex marriage been legalized in many countries in Europe, as well as a number of states in the US. For a long while, same-sex couples had been living together in secret. The legalization of gay marriages has been debated in the Senate for many years. As recent as January 2015 did the US Supreme Court agree to rule on gay marriage. The first legal gay marriage in the USA took place in May 2004 (Rimmerman and Wilcox 1). The Christian Church community as a whole have collectively opposed same-sex marriage. The constitution defends the right of two people of the same-sex to marry. The Senate constantly debates on the issue of the freedom and rights of same-sex couples. European countries including Denmark and UK allow same-sex marriage. Currently, same-sex marriage is legal and effective in 37 states of the USA. Recently, 15 states called the Supreme Court to uphold the same-sex

Finance Week 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Finance Week 3 - Essay Example Investors that are risk averse will invest a lot of their resources in common stocks due to the fact that common stocks have a higher potential of equity appreciation. Investors that do not apply the diversification principle can lose a lot of money if the particular sector of the market they invest in goes down. It is never a wise idea for investors to place all their eggs in the same basket. Diversification ensures that investors spread their securities around different sectors of the market. Managers can utilize the diversification principle to increase their cash flow position. A way to use investing to increase cash flows is by purchasing blue chip stocks that have a history of paying dividends every year. Another way for managers to improve the cash position of a company is by investing in bonds that pay coupon payments and in preferred stocks that pay yearly dividends. Firms may also improve their cash flow position by selling commercial paper in the marketplace. The most common form of commercial paper is corporate bonds. â€Å"The right diversification strategy can give you the best odds of weathering whatever economic storms may hit the market in the future† (Caplinger, 2012). Caplinger, D. (2012). This Diversification Strategy Will Make Your Portfolio Safer. Retrieved November 9, 2012 from

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Underage Alcohol Drinking in Military Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Underage Alcohol Drinking in Military - Essay Example In the light of the different opinions, it is significant to explore the underage drinking and its effects on the youth in the military. The military should not allow the underage possession and consumption of the alcohol in order to promote discipline and efficient execution of duties. The law prohibits the persons under the age of twenty-one from possessing and consuming alcohol. Specifically, Article XXI of the US Constitution states clearly that any person under the age of twenty-one years should not drink (Arnold-Burger 1). Whether in the military or not, the application of the state and local laws is in an equal measure. The opponents of the underage alcohol use in the military are right to articulate the US and local laws that restrict the youth from liquor. Every person is equal in matters that center on the law. The 1984 National Minimum Drinking Age Act that requires all the states to restrict underage from purchasing or possessing alcohol publicly should ensure the militar y does not permit the youth to consume liquor (Saunders and Rey 95). In this respect, the minimum age of the laws applies to all the state installations including the military. The assertion underpins the point that it will be against the law to allow the underage in the military to engage in the alcohol drinking. In the past, the military has attempted to abide by the law, especially in the US-Mexican border where Mexico allows underage drinking. The same spirit should continue and make the United States a nation that abides by the legislation.

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Reflective learning log for History of Education Essay

Reflective learning log for History of Education - Essay Example f teacher training underwent change between 1831 and 1922 with Catholics breaking away from multi-denominational free model schools to establish their own teacher training schools. Curriculum, textbooks, written predominately by James Calile and provided free were written in English, and teaching methods also changed significantly during this time spurred by the Powis Commission, the Belmore Commission and the revised national school programme that resulted in much unhappiness by teachers and affronting everyone involved engaged with education. Irish was only permitted as an additional subject and according to Coolahan was â€Å"in line with the cultural assimilation policies† of the time. The first question raised from the materials is in reference to class sizes, wherein ‘large number of pupils’ is mentioned but with no evidence as to how large or actual numbers. Numbers would help to place a more realistic perspective on the monitorial and simultaneous methods of instruction and on consideration of alternative options that may have been available to teachers at the time. Mention is made to a number of ‘religiously neutral’ textbooks written by James Carlile resulting in an implicit manipulation of the curriculum, but no further information in relation to the books is provided; it raises the questions as to which subjects and how many levels were incorporated; were all subjects compulsory or were some optional, and whether or not he developed the successfully commercial set of graded readers. Later, in reference to the revised national programme introduced by Starkie in 1900, mention is made to the 3 R’s and new subjects. It is interesting to note that the new subjects were listed in such a way as to infer gender separation; for example were compulsory household management subjects specifically for females and was this the beginning of the stereotypical ‘math and science’ for boys and ‘cooking and sewing’ for girls? Some schools

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Lean Manufacturing--Mass Customization & Marketplace simulation Assignment

Lean Manufacturing--Mass Customization & Marketplace simulation - Assignment Example Knowing what the clients or rather what the customers want is very essential. Thus, the company should be in a position to understand the need for market segmentation. This is because, in today’s marketplace, it is necessary for a company to understand the need of market segmentation because of market fragmentation. In addition, the company should be in a position to explain how the marketers evaluate segments and choose a targeting strategy. In order to choose more segments and to target more clients, the company should be able to evaluate the potential for and success in the marketplace (Cagan, & Vogel, 2002). The process to which a computer producing company needs in order to have a good and continuous improvement is by knowing how much, and the quality and stability of computers the company supplies to the market. The computer company should be able to isolate and validate the goods they process, for instance: keyboards mouse, monitors, and processors among others. While in the market place target other markets. This particular computer company should not only focus on the current marketplace, and it should try to reach out to other markets for more profits. If the computer company invest in more designs and improve the quality and the designs of the machines it produces, it will be able to accomplish the market business stimulation it needs in the

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Case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words - 4

Case study - Essay Example Through this program, company collected the discarded systems waste from the customers and delivered it to the certified vendors. The vendors were certified by the Pollution Control Board. In 2007, Wipro also appeared as a first Indian company which introduced eco-friendly range of desktops and laptops. By introducing these laptops and desktops, Wipro was aiming to reduce e-waste in the environment. Wipro also introduced a range of other products which were environment friendly and they were named as Green Ware. These products were manufactured from the materials which were free from the hazardous material such as heavy metals like lead, mercury and cadmium, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and Brominated flame retardants. All of the other companies were using these ingredients in their products however; Wipro designed its products such as PCs without using these hazardous items. In this way, Green Ware products of the company were compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). Wipro has been very active in joining the campaigns and initiatives taken at global level for environmental safety. Wipro joined the Green Grid in June 2008 which was a global consortium and started to enhance energy efficiency in datacenters and business computing ecosystems. The company was not joining such platforms to get aim but the aim of the company was to actually contribute in enhancing the green technology and systems. It is also evident from the fact that Wipro joined Green Grid in June 2008 and in the same month company also joined EcoEye initiative. EcoEye initiative was a comprehensive plan aimed to increase ecological sustainability in all operations and engaging its shareholders. By joining this program, Wipro showed that it is very active in taking initiatives on green concerns. As mentioned in the case study, Chandran commented on this initiative taken by Wipro. He argues that this initiative has been taken as a collaborative effort

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Contemporary Management Issues Report JB HI-FI Essay

Contemporary Management Issues Report JB HI-FI - Essay Example It is through adherence to these values that build a strong partnership of trust between the company and stakeholders. This code applies to all from the directors, chairperson, C.E.O, to the junior employee. JB Hi-Fi as a company respects the dignity of every employee, the freedoms, rights and needs of all individuals. The company strives to provide a working environment that is rewarding, challenging and safe. The company realizes the benefits of recognizing the work of all employees. The company respects all personal and sensitive information that relates to their customers, employees and suppliers. The company strives to reinforce the commitment it has to highest standards of business and professional ethics (JB Hi-Fi 1). All company employees are expected to treat fellow employees, the public and customers with courtesy, respect and honesty. They are also expected to safeguard and respect customer properties, the company and the property of all fellow workers. The employees are e xpected to maintain the confidentiality of all customers, the confidentiality of the company and all other parties’ information that have been gained through work (JB Hi-Fi 1). The employees are expected to perform their duties to the best of their ability; this is taking into account the experience, skills, position and qualifications. The employees are expected to perform their duties in a responsible, safe and effective manner. The company expects the employees and all company staff to respect all sensitive and personal information according to the privacy legislation. The company expects that the personal business and financial interests of the employees to not conflict with their duty to the company and work within the policies and rules of the company and obey the law. When all employees undertake their responsibilities and obligations, the workplace, job performance and satisfaction benefits the company and helps the company achieve business goals (JB Hi-Fi 1). Competi tors and fair competition All company employees have knowledge of commercially sensitive information. The employees must also disclose all significant stakes in a competitor. The interest in a competitor constitutes a conflict of interest and employees are expected to divest themselves of this interest. Fair competition means that the company; Will know and follow its legal obligations to competitors. Will not compete on a basis of obstructing comp0etitive conduct, rather the company will compete on a basis of customer service. This is part of the company’s commitment to management, staff and fair-trading. Will does not differ unfairly between customers when supplying products or Services. Will not refuse to deal or discriminate against, a customer for any improper reason. Not threaten or intimidate a customer, organization or other person. The company does not encourage untruthful or disparaging remarks about any of the competitors, their products and services. The company a ims at conducting business fairly, and competes on a basis of product and services merits. The company also aims at being an effective competitor that acts according to the ethical norms acceptable to the community. The company does not accept bribes, kickbacks or payoffs, in all deals; the company ensures that it is courteous, truthful and well informed. The company ensures that it is careful to avoid misrepresenting the features, availability or quality of their

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Hp Compaq Merger Essay Example for Free

Hp Compaq Merger Essay The world’s largest corporate Information Technology merger began in September 2001 when HP announced that they would acquire Compaq in an all stock purchase valued at $25 billion. Over an 8 month period ending in May 2002, the merger passed shareholder and regulatory approval with the end result being one company. The new HP has annual sales of approximately $90 billion which is comparable to IBM, and an operating income of almost $4 billion. The merger was led by Carly Fiorina, the chairwoman and CEO of HP.   The president of the new HP was Michael Capellas who was the former chairman and CEO of the old HP and who has recently resigned and is now the CEO of World Com. Overall, many analysts were critical of the merger from the beginning since both Compaq and HP were struggling companies before the merger. The common question that has been raised by analysts is: Do two struggling companies make a better merged company? Some analysts have indicated that the merger is a gamble and that it is difficult to see any focused logic behind the merge considering that most I.T acquisitions are not successful. Prior to the merger, Compaq has been unable to grow despite previously buying Digital, while HP was trying to grow internally, without much success. Both companies were still adjusting to acquisitions they have made in the past and both were adjusting to new leadership (Fiorina and Capellas). The merger deal also means that there are many overlaps in products, technologies, distribution channels, services, facilities and jobs. Employee morale is a threat to a successful merger as there have been numerous layoffs -15,000 employees. The claimed annual cost savings of about $2.5 billion dollars by the year 2004 amounts to only 3 % of the combined costs of both companies. Gartner Group research has indicated that the merged company has failed to do a good enough job of presenting the benefits of an acquisition of this scale to justify the deal’s risk as it is generally known that technology mergers rarely work. In addition, both companies in the past have struggled to resolve conflicts between direct and indirect sales channels. The cultural background of both companies is quite different and integration will take a long time. The culture at HP is based on consensus; Compaq’s culture on the other hand is based on rapid decision making. From a positive perspective, most botched tech mergers involved companies that were trying to buy their way into new businesses they knew little about, this is not the case with the HP/Compaq merger. Apart from servers and PC’s, they have several areas where their products overlap e.g.: they are both are involved in making data -storage equipment and both make hand held computing devices. In addition, both companies also bring different strengths to the table. Compaq has done a better job in regard to engineering an entire line and HP has been strong in consumer products. The justification provided by HP senior management suggests that a merger will enable them to compete with two of their biggest competitors, IBM and Dell.  In conclusion, it is viewed by many analysts that there will be at least 2 more years of bitter infighting which will cause the new HP to lose direction and good personnel. This is great news for competitors such as IBM and Sun as both of them will be able to pick off the market while the new HP is distracted by the merger. The new HP may be a threat to IBM but not anytime soon. It could take several years to determine if the largest merger in I.T history will be a success or a complete flop. THE IT INDUSTRY PROFILE Information technology (IT) is a broad field that covers all aspects of managing and processing information. IT professionals design, develop, support, and manage computer software, hardware, and networks. From the exuberant growth of its early years to the uncertainty of recent times, the IT industry has stabilized—with job growth rates now rising steadily—and continues to change in order to meet the needs of the business world. While the wild optimism that surrounded the IT industry a few years back has been deflated, the IT industry is adapting to a changing market. New developments such as creating infrastructure for mobile technologies will continue to ensure the vitality and viability of the industry. And as the industry responds to new business needs, it will continue to evolve into a mature profession, a profession versatile enough to adapt to new demands and stable enough to support new innovations and developments. In information technology (IT), India has built up valuable brand equity in the global markets. In IT-enabled services (ITES), India has emerged as the most preferred destination for business process outsourcing (BPO), a key driver of growth for the software industry and the services sector. The IT industry is passing through a phase of mergers and consolidations in India largely in line with global trends. Companies are focusing on organic as well as inorganic growth. Indian IT companies are prowling for potential acquisitions both in the domestic as well as foreign markets. 3 Indian software companies – TCS, Infosys, and Wipro have all crossed the billion dollar mark. Competition in the Indian IT arena is increasing leaps and bounds with global giants like IBM, Accenture, and CSC etc.   Trends over the last five years tell the story of Dell’s increasing market share, at the cost of its competitors. This degree of competition prompted a  merger between HP and Compaq in 2001; IBM has refocused its priorities to lucrative corporate customers. In 2003, the PC industry grew 11 % as a whole. Despite differing focuses, all players saw an increased demand by consumers for new systems. INTRODUCTION TO THE COMPANY PROFILE HEWLETT PACKARD In 1938, two electrical engineering graduates from Stanford University called William Hewlett and David Packard started their business in a garage in Palo Alto. In a years time, the partnership called Hewlett-Packard was made and by the year 1947 HP was incorporated. It began offering stocks for public trading 10 years later. The company has been prospering ever since as its profits grew from five and half million dollars in 1951 to about 3 billion dollars in 1981. The pace of growth knew no bounds as HPs net revenue went up to 42 billion dollars in 1997. Starting with manufacturing audio oscillators, the company made its first computer in the year 1966 and it was by 1972 that it introduced the concept of personal computing by introducing the first scientific hand-held. HP introduced its first personal computer in the year 1980. The company is also known for the laser-printer which it introduced in the year 1985. HP – Product Portfolio * Laptop/Notebooks * Palmtops/PDA * Printers and Printing Consumables * Digicams * Scanners * Monitors * Mainframes Major Competitors * IBM – Servers, PCs, Storage and IT services * Dell – PCs * Canon – Printers, Fax, Copiers and Optical Equipment * Compaq – PCs, Servers and Pocket Computers COMPAQ Compaq Computer Corporation is an American personal computer company founded  in the year 1982. It had the charm of being called the largest manufacturers of personal computing devices worldwide. The company was formed by two senior managers at Texas Instruments. The name of the company had come from-Compatibility and Quality. The company introduced its first computer in the year 1983 after at a price of 2995 dollars. In spite of being portable, the problem with the computer was that it seemed to be a suitcase. Nevertheless, there were huge commercial benefits from the computer as it sold more than 53,000 units in the first year with a revenue generation of 111 million dollars. Company existed as an independent corporation until 2002, when it was acquired for $25 billion by Hewlett Packard. COMPAQ – Product Portfolio * Enterprise Computing Group * Mainframes * Servers * Workstations * Internet products * Networking Products * Commercial Products * Portables * Small and Medium Business Solutions Major Competitors * IBM – Servers, PCs, Storage and IT services * Sun Microsystems – Servers * Dell – PCs * HP – PCs, IT Services and Pocket Computers * Palm – Pocket Computers PRE – MERGER STATS FOR HP COMPAQ RELATIVE PERFORMANCE OF HP AND COMPAQ HP – COMPAQ MERGER â€Å"If HP was progressing at such a tremendous pace, what was the reason that  the company had to merge with Compaq?† Carly Fiorina, who became the CEO of HP in the year 1999, had a key role to play in the merger that took place on 3rd September, 2001. She was the first woman to have taken over as CEO of such a big company and the first outsider too. She worked very efficiently as she travelled more than 250,000 miles in the first year as a CEO. Her basic aim was to modernize the culture of operation of HP. She laid great emphasis on the profitable sides of the business. This shows that she was very extravagant in her approach as a CEO. In spite of the growth in the market value of HPs share from 54.43 to 74.48 dollars, the company was still inefficient. This was because it could not meet the targets due to a failure of both company and industry. HP was forced to cut down on jobs and also be eluded from the privilege of having Price Water House Coopers to take care of its audit. So, even the job of Fiorina was under threat. This meant that improvement in the internal strategies of the company was not going to be sufficient for the companys success. Ultimately, the company had to certainly plan out something different. So, it was decided that the company would be acquiring Compaq in a stock transaction whose net worth was 25 billion dollars. Initially, this merger was not planned. It started with a telephonic conversation between CEO HP, Fiorina and Chairman and CEO Compaq, Capellas. The idea behind the conversation was to discuss on a licensing agreement but it continued as a discussion on competitive strategy and finally a merger. It took two months for further studies and by September, 2001, the boards of the two companies approved of the merger. In spite of the decision coming from the CEO of HP, the merger was strongly opposed in the company. The two CEOs believed that the only way to fight the growing competition in terms of prices was to have a merger. But the investors and the other stakeholders thought that the company would never be able to have the loyalty of the Compaq customers, if products are sold with an HP logo on it. Other than this, there were questions on the synchronization of the organizations members with each other. This was because of the change in the organization culture as well. Even though these were supposed to serious problems with respect to the merger, the CEO of HP, Fiorina justified the same with the fact that the merger would remove one serious competitor in the over-supplied PC market of those days. She said  that the market share of the company is bound to increase with the merger and also the working unit would double. GROWING PROBLEMS AT HP * HP was not adapting to technological innovation fast enough * Margins were going down * IPG (HP’s Imaging and Printing Group) was the leader in its market segment but did not rank anywhere among top 3 in servers, storage or services * Printing line was facing competition from Lexmark and Epson which were selling lower-quality inexpensive printers * Needed to build strong complementary business lines HP’s POSITION BEFORE MERGER * By 2001, as the industry stumbled, meeting growth targets became difficult for HP and it was forced to cut jobs and scrap plans * As a result HP stock price dropped drastically * Turning the company around required more than just strategy from within OBJECTIVES OF THE MERGER * Increase competition with major competitors i.e. IBM, Dell * Cut costs by $3 billion annually by 2004 * Increase earnings for shareholders * Face the challenge of a shrinking market EXPECTATIONS FROM THE MERGER OF HP AND COMPAQ * The merger of HP with Compaq will create superior customer value by expanding its product range and together HP and Compaq can focus on R D in a greater extend. * The second best benefit that the merger will emerge is cost benefit by generating cost synergies reaching approximately $2.5 bn annually. * Drive a significantly improved cost structure, approximate assets of $56.4 billion, and annual revenues of $87.4 billion and annual operating earnings of $3.9 billion. * Adds up to world-class innovation and quality through the merger of two of the leading IT companies of the world. * Larger PC position resulting from the merger likely to increase risk and dilute shareholders interest. * Operations in more than 160 countries and over 1,45,000 employees. * Expand the numbers of the company’s service professionals. * Improves access to the market with Compaq’s direct capability and low cost structure. * Work force reduction by around 15,000 employees saving around $1.5 billion per year. * Improve HP’s market share. KEY POINTS THAT ENCOURAGED THE MERGER DECISION * HP’s failure to meet target (in spite of increased share value) * Merger as the way to fight the growing competition in terms of prices * Merger would eliminate one player in an oversupplied PC market * To compete with IBM and other companies * Reduce costs * 1990’s IT recessionary phase * Merger expected to yield savings projected to reach $2.5bn annually by 2004 * Advantage of more volume of sales * Development of direct distribution capability * Strengthen sales force * Improve customer base ADVANTAGES OF MERGER Merger would create a full-service technology firm capable of doing everything from selling PCs and printers to setting up complex networks. Merger would eliminate redundant product groups and costs in marketing, advertising, and shipping, while at the same time preserving much of the two companies’ revenues. MARKET BENEFITS * Merger will creates immediate end to end leadership * Compaq was a clear No.2 in the PC business and stronger on the commercial side than HP, but HP was stronger on the consumer side. Together they would be No.1 in market share in 2001 * The merger would also greatly expand the numbers of the company’s service professionals. As a result, HP would have the largest market share in all hardware market segments and become the number three in market share in services * Improves access to the market with Compaq’s direct capability and low cost structure * The much bigger company would have scale advantages: gaining bargaining power with suppliers. OPERATIONAL BENEFITS * HP and Compaq have highly complementary RD capabilities * HP was strong in mid and high-end UNIX servers, a weakness for Compaq; while Compaq was strong in low-end industry standard (Intel) servers, a weakness for HP * Top management has experience with complex organizational changes * Merger would result in work force reduction by around 15,000 employees saving around $1.5 billion per year FINANCIAL BENEFITS * Merger will result in substantial increase in profit margin and liquidity * 2.5 billion is the estimated value of annual synergies * Provides the combined entity with better ability to reinvest Even though it seemed to be advantageous to very few people in the beginning, it was the strong determination of Fiorina that she was able to stand by her decision. Wall Street and all her investors had gone against the company lampooning her ideas with the saying that she has made 1+1=1.5 by her extravagant ways of expansion. Fiorina had put it this way that after the companys merger, not only would it have a larger share in the market but also the units of production would double. This would mean that the company would grow tremendously in volume. Her dream of competing with the giants in the field, IBM would also come true. She was of the view that much of the redundancy in the two companies would decrease as the internal costs on promotion, marketing and shipping would come down with the merger. This would produce the slightest harm to the collection of revenue. She used the ideas of  competitive positioning to justify her plans of the merger. She said that the merger is based on the ideologies of consolidation and not on diversification. She could also defend allegations against the change in the HP was. She was of the view that the HP has always encouraged changes as it is about innovating and taking bold steps. She said that the company requires being consistent with creativity, improvement and modification. This merger had the capability of providing exactly the same.

Economic, Social, and Political Change Worksheet Essay Example for Free

Economic, Social, and Political Change Worksheet Essay Respond to each of the following questions in 2 or 3 sentences: 1. What are the three most important factors that contributed to the agricultural revolution in Europe? The agricultural revolution took place courtesy of three key factors. These factors include warmer temperatures, the three-field system and better farming equipment. In which, contributed to the evolution of European living during medieval time. 2. How did the agricultural revolution change European society? Provide an example. The new found, more productive way of farming in Europe reduced the need of manual laboring workers. This eliminated many jobs on farm lands, yet created coil mining jobs to help power the machines used on the farm. For example the new invention that came through farming. Industrial Revolution Respond to each of the following questions in 2 or 3 sentences: 1. What are the three most important factors that contributed to the industrial revolution in Europe? Large population, capital, and people with scientific knowledge and entrepreneurial skills were among the social and economic factors that helped make the Industrial Revolution possible. 3. Describe working conditions in factories and mines between 1800 and 1850. What was life like for a typical worker? Reference at least one primary source to support your response. the working conditions was unbearable. There were many accidents when coal was brought to surface with buckets. Ropes that was used was extremely unstable workers fell to their deaths. There was also children who worked in the dark doe to the families being poor and could not provide candles. Western Social Change Between 1815 and 1914 Write 2 or 3 sentences per concept about how each of the following changed in Western society between 1815 and 1914: 1. Romanticism was an artistic literary and intellectual movement that originated in Europe towards the end of the 18th century and in most was a peak in the approximate period from 1800 to 1840. It was embodied most strongly in the visual arts, music, and literature but had a major impact on historiography. 4. The role of women was to basically work and hand their money over to their husbands which they used as a private property income. They were to stay in their place. 5. Science great scientific strides were made. 6. Realism in the art and literature was a rejection of romantic idealism and subjectivity. Realist depicted the challenge of urban and industrial growth by confronting the alienation of modern life. Western Political Change Between 1815 and 1870 Write 2 or 3 sentences per concept about how each of the following changed in Western society between 1815 and 1914: 1. Liberalism two main tenets of liberalism asserted the freedom of the individual and the corruptibility of authority. They believed that less government was government that non interference would produce a harmonious well-ordered world. 7. Conservatism is a political philosophy which embodies a design to prevent change 19th century conservatives believed in the power behind absolute monarchy, the aristocracy and the church. The conservatives of Europe succeeded in creating an era between 1815 and 1914 without war. They did it so through repression of dissension and through enlightment changed Europe. 8. Kulturekampf A conflict from 1872 to 1887 between the German government (headed by Bismarck) and the papacy for the control of schools and Church 9. The Communist Manifestoa socialist manifesto written by Marx and Engels (1842) describing the history of the working-class movement according to their views. 10. Realpolitik A system of politics or principles based on practical rather than moral or ideological considerations.

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Future Advancements of Hyperspectral Imaging

Future Advancements of Hyperspectral Imaging Liam Zarebski Preserving forensic traces at a crime scene is a crucial part of collecting evidence It is important that these traces are detected and identified in a way that is as non-destructive as possible. One technology that has great potential to serve as a future analytical tool in forensics is Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI). Due to its non-contact method of analysis, the speed at which it can gather and process information, and the ease with which the results can be interpreted, HSI proves itself to be an excellent alternative to many forensic techniques used today. Hyperspectral Imaging combines conventional digital imaging and spectroscopy to gather and process information from across the electromagnetic spectrum. Every object in the world will reflect and absorb various wavelengths of radiation differently. These interactions can be measured and used to identify different chemical and material properties. This can be thought of as every object having their own unique spectral fingerprint. HSI is particularly useful as it could also be used to analyse chemical changes that have occurred within the sample, which can help with estimating age. Currently, HSI is mainly used for analysing fingerprints. Producing a multispectral image allows one to see details that would otherwise be invisible, even after dusting for prints. This creates a more detailed image than standard photography could produce and reveals elements which would otherwise have gone unnoticed. As HSI can identify the chemical composition of a sample, it could also be used to rapidl y identify the residue that created the print. It is also used in questioned document analysis to identify whether handwritten or printed documents have been altered by analysing the ink used. In Fire Investigation, HSI can detect flammable liquid residues in quantities as small as a microliter that have soaked into surfaces. While HSI technology has existed for around 20 years and is used in forensics today, it is becoming increasingly more relevant due to the rapid decrease in size of hyperspectral sensors, the decrease in the cost, and the increase in image processing power. In the future, it is possible that all the power of hyperspectral imaging will be integrated in regular digital cameras or even smartphones. This would open up a world of new possibilities within forensic science. Crime scene investigators could go into a crime scene and gather information about the size, age, density, and chemical composition of a sample as easily as they could take a photograph of it. This would mean that the chance of a sample being destroyed or contaminated would be drastically reduced as CSI would not even have to come into contact or move the traces to get an accurate analysis of what those traces are. If there are particular crime scenes where events have occurred that pose dangers to investigators, (eg. Cri me scenes involving explosives), a remote controlled robot could be equipped with a HSI system so that investigators can take the samples they require in a non-destructive matter without stepping foot in the crime scene. By using HSI instead of traditional methods, the process of identifying and analysing forensic traces would be drastically sped up. In addition, HSI requires little to no sample preparation, further increasing the speed at which progress can be made and thus improving the chances of the case being solved successfully. Another advantage of Hyperspectral Imaging is that the results are easy to interpret even if you dont come from a scientific background. Consequently, when the results are presented to a jury in court, they will quickly be able to understand the data and make an informed decision. If need be, additional processing steps can be taken when analysing the HSI data without having to re-examine the physical evidence. The main problem for Hyperspectral Imaging in forensics is that crime scenes tend to be very complex which can make image analysis difficult. Sunlight, external light sources, reflections from surfaces and shadows are all variables that can cause inaccuracies in readings. To combat this, specialized algorithms are required during the processing of information in order to distinguish which variables have been caused by non-uniform illumination. With image processing technology as a whole becoming more advanced, and several forensic science applications of HSI recently being explored successfully, it is easy to imagine HSI replacing some old techniques and becoming an integral part of crime scene investigation in the not too distant future. Despite the challenges that will be faced with interference and unknown variables, it is likely that the technology will be refined and the techniques will be modified so to maximize the effectiveness of the technology, and allow future investigators to analyse useful traces non-destructively. Hyperspectral imaging has many uses in forensics but it also has a vast number of uses in a wide variety of fields: in agriculture, where HSI can be used to detect animal proteins in cattle feed to avoid mad cow disease; in medicine, for early diagnosis of diseases; in mineralogy, to rapidly identify minerals in geological samples; and in astrology, to identify materials and chemicals present on distant planets. There are many examples of HSI being used in professional environments however it is also a possibility that it will end up becoming integrated with the technology used by the general public on a daily basis. Roughly two billion people on earth use smartphones, most of which come equipped with built in digital cameras. In the future, it is possible that these cameras will be built with components that can be used to detect other electromagnetic waves than just visual light. Using cloud computing, a library of different spectral signatures could be created and made available to the public and used for reference. Access to such a technology could prove to be particularly useful when it comes to monitoring ones own health. People would be able to use their phones to scan fruit and find out whether or not it is fresh depending on its sugar content and moisture levels; people could also use it to check if perishable foods are still safe to eat or to check whether or not their milk has gone off. Many smartphones nowadays can measure how many steps you walk a day and your heart rate, but a phone equipped with hyperspectral imaging technology would be able to detect biochemical changes due to dis ease development like cancer cell metabolism. A non-intrusive retina scan could be performed in the comfort of your own phone merely by taking a photo of your eye, or a suspicious looking mole could be checked out and diagnosed all within an application. Sources:

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Eudora Weltys The Ponder Heart :: Eudora Welty The Ponder Heart

Eudora Welty's The Ponder Heart The New York Times posted a review of Eudora Welty's The Ponder Heart on January 10, 1954. V.S. Pritchett wrote the review titled "Bossy Edna Earle Had a Word for Everything." Pritchett gives ample credit to Welty for her novel The Ponder Heart explaining it takes a good deal of experience to write such a story that deals with "a complex position in the narrative" (para 4). Pritchett describes the character, Edna Earle and he is intrigued by her narrative role. Identifying the characters, certain events, and the type of environment the story takes place in; Pritchett sets the stage of The Ponder Heart. He identifies this piece as a "lighter work", but adds "there is not a mistake in it" (para 7). This phrase is crucial to the review because without it a reader may believe the story has little substance. The statement "there is not a mistake in it" intrigues the mind to see what this book is all about. Pritchett begins the review using complex sentences that appear to be taking the reader nowhere, making the review weak from the very beginning. In fact, the first paragraph makes one believe they are reading the wrong review. This paragraph talks about the Irish revival and Scottish and Welsh regionalism, appearing to have nothing to do with Welty. Eventually, Pritchett ties this paragraph into Welty comparing her as an American Southern regional writer. Pritchett states, "Sometimes a regional writer becomes the professional topographer of local oddity. With one sophisticated foot outside his territory, he sets out to make his folk quaint or freakish, and he can be said to condescend to and even exploit them" (para 2). The Ponder Heartis filled with oddity, as well as quaint and freakish folks making this statement definitely relevant. Describing The Ponder Heart, Pritchett does no more than give a summary of the story, with a few exceptions, rather than a critique. Perhaps the book is that simple, although I don't believe so.

ear and throught disease :: essays research papers

Name: Terrean Robinson ID#: 28990809 Course: Microbiology Describe the major emerging and reemerging pathogens and disease (since 1980) and the consequence of these for healthcare system.(Include epi.&mechanism for origin of diseases) There are several emerging and reemerging diseases since the 1980. Emerging infectious disease results from newly identified and previously unknown infections, which cause public health problems locally and internationally. An emerging disease can be cause by a virus, a bacterium, a fungus, a protozoan and a helminth. Emerging disease associated with viruses since the 1980 are T-cell lympoma-leukemia,Toxic shock syndrome, Heamhorrhagic colitis; heamolytic ureamic syndrome, Hairy cell leukemia, lyme disease, AIDS, Peptic ulcer disease,Venezuelan haemorrhagic fever, Conjunctivitis, disseminated disease ,cholera,Cat scratch disease;bacillary angimatosis, Brazilian heamorrhagic fever, Hepatitis,New Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and Influenza. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) was first isolated in 1983. It is estimated that since the start of the epidemic 30.6 million people worldwide have become HIV infected and nearly 12 million ha ve died from AIDS or AIDS-related diseases. Hepatitis C, identified in 1989, is now known to be the most common cause of post-transfusion hepatitis worldwide, with approximately 90 per cent of cases in Japan, the United States and Western Europe. Up to 3 per cent of the world population is estimated to be infected; 170 million are chronic carriers at risk of developing liver cirrhosis and/or liver cancer. Sin nombre (i.e., an unnamed) virus was isolated from cases of a local outbreak of a highly fatal respiratory disease. This was done in the southern United States in 1993. It has subsequently been diagnosed in sporadic cases across the United States, Canada and several South American countries. Influenza A (H5N1) virus is a well-known pathogen in birds, but was first isolated from humans in 1997. Its emergence initially suggested the next influenza pandemic but, in the event, the virus transmitted poorly and the spread of the virus appeared to have been contained in 1997.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  There are also some emerging diseases that are associated with bacteria these include: Legionella pneumophillai, Escherichilia coli, Borellia burgdorferi, Vibrio cholorae. Legionella pneumophilia was detected in 1977. The bacterium resulted in an outbreak of severe pneumonia in a convention center in the United States in 1976 and it has since been associated with outbreaks linked to poorly maintained air conditioning systems. Escherichia coli O157:H7: Detected in 1982, this bacterium is typically transmitted through contaminated food and has caused outbreaks of haemolytic uraemic syndrome in North America, Europe and Japan.

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My High School Locker Essay -- Descriptive Essay, Descriptive Writing

"Here's your locker combination. Just go right down that hall," said Mrs. Breech pointing toward the sophomore hall. I walked into the sophomore hall so that I could find my locker and make sure that my combination worked. I turn the shiny black dial right to 27, left to 49, right again to 32. Clicking at each number, the lock clicked once more as I lifted the small silver latch. I was ecstatic that my clean, creamy white locker had the correct combination. That would make my life a lot easier when school started in two weeks. Â   On the first day of school, my locker is still clean and radiant in the fluorescent hall lighting. Gradually books accumulate on the bottom shelf, and syllabuses and lists of rules fill the top shelf. My cousin's large grey sweatshirt, complete with a cigarette burn hole, occupies the hook. Eventually these are joined by a myriad of assignments, which are prone to flying out if the door is opened. One day, on the top shelf, an odd green spot appears. There's moss growing in my locker. Â   The second quarter has begun and the huge amount of clutter in the ...

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How far, and why, did traditional Catholicism decline during the reign of Elizabeth?

Considering that on the accession of Elizabeth I the majority of men and women in England and Wales were Catholic – from the evidence of wills Protestant loyalty was limited to the south-east where even there it represented a minority – and that by the end of the reign English Catholicism had diminished to only one or two percent of the population, it is fair to say that the extent of the decline in traditional Catholicism was great. The reasons for this can be found by splitting the reign into three time periods where the presence and threat of Catholicism differ significantly. An interesting argument has arisen concerning the explanation of the decline of Catholicism. The historian J. Bossy argues that conservative gentry and clerical leadership did not produce any organized resistance to the 1559 settlement and instead allowed the laity to drift into conformity by attending Protestant church services. He goes on to suggest that it was only the later arrival of the seminary priests from Douai and the Jesuits that saved English Catholicism from complete extinction. Another historian C. Haigh counters this suggesting that Catholic survivalism was strong in the 1560s and that its demise can be attributed to ‘strategic and logistical errors' made by the seminary priests and the Jesuits. It is perhaps easier to agree with Bossy as during the 1560s many Catholics reluctantly accepted the new church, often because of a lack of strong leadership from the papacy. Pope Pius IV hoped to persuade Elizabeth to join the catholic fold and Philip II feared that if the queen was overthrown Mary Queen of Scots would succeed thus driving England into the arms of France. Also the penalties issued to Catholics under the terms of the 1559 settlement were deliberately made light in order to steer them away from attempted opposition. Indeed, the Catholic threat remained dormant during the 1560s and this decade can be seen as the first time period where Catholicism was certainly on the defensive. However, it is a mistake to see the Catholics as completely inactive during this time. The Marian priests who stayed at their posts and had not been either imprisoned or chosen to go into exile, did not conform meekly to Protestantism. Catholic rituals were kept alive within the parish church and accounts show that some churches retained their Catholic altars and priests continued to say masses for the dead. This survivalism remained strongest in the north and as bishops started to complain about the presence of church papists in their dioceses, the government became increasingly aware of the situation. However, to avoid confrontation with the Catholics, Elizabeth preferred to utilize persuasion instead of punishment to deal with the problem. Thus action was only taken if individuals openly defied the law. This approach, which led Catholicism to survive throughout the 1560s, also ensured that the religion was doomed to eventual failure. Until 1569 when the Northern Rebellion broke out, few felt pressurised into recusancy and rebellion and therefore the Elizabethan regime had time to establish itself and win over conservative landowners. It is from 1568 onwards that the Catholic decline halted, and the government was alerted to a potential threat. The lack of any conspiracies or disturbances during the majority of the 1560s demonstrated a decline in the Catholic faith but when continental influences began to halt this decline soon after, serious problems were created for the government. The year 1568 saw a major development which rapidly forced the government to reassess its policy towards Catholics. The arrival of Mary Queen of Scots, a woman with highly-powered contacts in the Catholic courts of Europe, presented an automatic focus for both the plots of English and foreign Catholics. Her presence in England was made especially explosive because she became a pawn in the intrigues of Spain; a nation grown impatient with England's continued heterodoxy, and also her military opposition in the West Indies and Netherlands. Indeed, each of the four main Catholic conspiracies against Elizabeth involved replacing her with Mary with the aid of a Spanish invasion force. Although no such force was to embark until 1588, to have Europe's premier Catholic power and the strong-arm of the Counter-Reformation seeking to undermine the administration was deeply worrying to Elizabeth. The Papacy provided another threat. Its equivocal stance of the 1560s could not withstand Elizabeth's continued heterodoxy, and when Catholic passivity foiled the Rising of the Northern Earls in 1569 Pius V was stirred to issue the Bull â€Å"Regnans in Excelsis† in excommunicating Elizabeth and commanding her subjects â€Å"not to obey her†. In effect, it was now the duty of all good Catholics to repudiate the Queen's authority, but in practice the general apathy and obedience of the Catholic community made an uprising against Elizabeth's authority unlikely. The real threat lay in that it gave foreign powers, most notably Spain, a papal license to threaten England; thus it can be seen that the Papacy indirectly influenced the sending of the Armada in 1588. Incidents such as the Ridolfi Plot in 1571 where a Florentine merchant led a failed attempt to overthrow the Queen, and the Massacre of St Bartholomew's day in 1572 where six thousand Protestants were murdered in France show that the Catholics were capable of serious actions and that these incidents highlight that they were not in decline just yet. The final major Catholic threat were the missionary priests from William Allen's seminary in Douai in the Netherlands. Though the priests were young English gentlemen they had continental training and had links with the Jesuits. Beginning in 1568, their secret preaching undoubtedly saved the Catholic faith from dying out among the gentry, but the threat they posed is harder to determine. They were not politically motivated and did not attempt to directly stir up a Catholic rebellion. It was hoped, however, that the introduction of the Jesuits in the 1580s would breed a new sense of zeal and fanaticism into the generally loyal and patriotic Catholic gentry, so that when a chance came for a restoration of the old faith, enough of them would be prepared to sacrifice their secular obedience for spiritual belief. But the events of 1588 show how they failed in this aim, for, whilst the conspiracies and the Northern Rising had shown an increase in Catholic militancy, when the hoped-for rebellion of the Catholic community failed to materialise in response to the Armada, the English once again showed their reluctance to cause civil strife; all the Catholic gentry families pledged their allegiance to the Queen. The majority of English Catholics were content to retain their beliefs in private, and the attempts by foreign-based missionaries to radicalise their loyalties was probably doomed to failure. However, one must not allow hindsight to make us dismiss the threat and presence of the Catholics simply because they failed to remove Elizabeth. Indeed the government became so perturbed during the 1570s and 1580s that they greatly tightened anti-Catholic legislation such as the increase in recusancy fines to twenty pounds a month and the treasonable offence of being a priest â€Å"ordained beyond the seas†. To Elizabeth, the plots, foreign threat and missionary activity provided a very real threat. So it is not untrue to say that for a period of twenty years the Catholics remained a thorn in the side of Elizabeth's reign and rather than declining the religion stayed put and caused the government problems. However, the decline did come and there is a third period that we must look at in order to highlight the extent of this defeat. A series of events in the 1590s occurred which certainly helped limit the Catholic threat and presence in the country and caused the religion to diminish to the one or two percent that were thought to have been left in 1603. As we have seen, there was loyalty towards Elizabeth shown by the Catholics in their lack of desire to support the Armada. Then in 1587 Mary Queen of Scots was executed due to her involvement in the Babington Plot the previous year. This death deprived the Catholics of a major focal point for their religion and her replacement was to be James VI, a protestant, which did not aid their cause either. Another death, that of the founder of the college for seminary priest William Allen, was also a problem, as now those priests who were attempting to inspire the Catholic community had no inspiration themselves. Indeed the priest allowed squabbles to develop in their midst which distracted them from their aim of mounting a united assault on Protestantism. There was also a rivalry between the secular priests and the Jesuits which surfaced most prominently in 1598 with the ‘Archpriest Controversy'. The argument occurred when the Pope agreed to appoint George Blackwell, an admirer of the Jesuit mission, to have authority over secular priests training in seminaries. The secular priests were outraged and determined to keep their independence appealed to the Pope against his appointment thus earning them the name ‘the Appellants'. Not only did this controversy poison relationship it also uncovered important differences of principle among the priests. In conclusion it is hard to say that by the end of the reign the Catholics were not in decline and perhaps if it were not for the input of the seminary priests then the religion would have become nothing other than a superstitious ritual practiced only in backward communities. Apart from a period where they provided a sustained, yet exaggerated threat causing the government to rethink its policy, the Catholics were weaned from their faith by a slow exposure to Protestantism. Propaganda, persuasion and persecution made the Catholics (although some of the most committed became recusants) drift into conformity. The decline of Catholicism was a steady but expected process.

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An Analysis of Jim Morrison’s Poetry

An Analysis of Jim Morrisons meter Through the Eyes of a Fan. jam Douglas Morrisons numbers was innate(p) extinct of a period of tumultuous societal and political tilt in Ameri wad and world hi apologue. Besides Morrisons companionable and political perspective, his verse excessively speaks with an close of the world of literature, especi wholly(prenominal)y of the traditions that shaped the rhyme of his age. His song expresses his throw experiences, thoughts, development, and maturation as a poet from his musings on put d apply got at UCLA in The Lords and The fresh Creatures, to his final poems in Wilderness and The Ameri crumb Night.It is my intention to ground Morrison as a serious American poet, whose over conk is worthy of serious precondition in apprisal to its role in the American literary tradition. By discussing the verse personal line of credit in footing of Morrisons deviates and profess ideas, I forget be competent to show what distinguishe s him as a meaning(a) American poet. In order to say him as having a clearly specify ability as a poet, my commission will be on Morrisons profess words and poem. I will concentrate on his earlier work to show the influence of Nietzsche and French poets such(prenominal) as Arthur Rimbaud and Antonin Artaud and the effect they had on Morrisons poe sift and path.Morrisons poetical style is characterised by contrived ambiguity of meaning which serves to express subconscious thought and aromaa tendency now chiefly associated with the post- current-fangled or avant garde. His poetic strength is that he creates poe analyse instead protack together in its effect upon the reviewer, by using behaviorlikely evocative words and construes in his poems. preventive it is obvious that Morrison has con economizers that influence his work, and their influence remains immobile in battlefield and t angiotensin-converting enzyme, he still manages to pass it his accept in the way he adapts these influences to his style, experiences, and ideas.We would look to to find remnants of quotes, stolen lines and ideas, in a littleer writer, only when Morrison shows his strength as a poet by resisting plagiarism and blatant borrowing, in order to achieve originality in his own verse. As T. S. Eliot has said, Bad poets borrow, good poets steal. Morrisons metrical composition is real surreal at times, as well as extremely symbolic at that place is a pervading scent expose of the irrational, jumbled, and the boisterous an effect produced by galvanise collocations of images and words. Morrisons poetry reveals a odd world a place populate by characters straight out f Morrisons circus of the brainpower, from the strange streets of Los Angeles boulevards and rump besideseys. Morrisons speech is a infixed tongue, and his eye is that of a visionary American poet. He belongs to what poet and critic Jerome Rothenberg c solelys the American soothsaying . . . present in all that speaks to our grit of identity and our need for re untriedal. Rothenberg come acrosss this prophetic tradition as Affirming the oldest run away of poetry, which is to interrupt the habits of nondescript consciousness by sum of more(prenominal) precise and highly charged uses of style and to provide new tools for discovering the underlying relatedness of all life sentence . . A special concern for the interplay of myth and history runs by dint of the wholly of American literature. Thoreau, Emerson, and Whitman saw the poets function in p wile as divine revelation the visionary meaning of our recognises in congener to the time and place in which we live . . . we induct thrown this American idiom on the relationship of myth and history, of poetry and life, as the central meaning of a prophetic native tradition. The lasting smell of Morrisons poems is that they render to render the conceive of or nightm ar of modern populace in terms of words and imagery, quite bizarre and obscure, b bely compelling at the same time.An important aspect virtually the body of his work and his commitment to his limited style, superstar remainderly aligned to Rothenbergs prophetic tradition, is that it is in the tradition of what opposite poets of his time were writing. Morrisons early experiments with poetry and prose, written between 1964-69, depict in the language of an intellectually ambitious scene student the strong influence of commonwealth such as Nietzsche and Artaud, and his ideas on prowessistics, philosophy, life, and hit in particular.His early writings atomic number 18 the foundation on which he develops his poetic style. All the motifs, symbols, and imagery introduced in his first off collection of poems recur continuously passim his posterior kit and boodle. The Lords and The New Creatures was conceived as two separate criminal records however, it was published as i book containing Morrisons ideas and po etry. Essentially, it is a forum for the fleshing out of style. The first half of the book The Lords Notes on Vision, is a collection of notes and prose poems speckle the second half, The New Creatures, is an assortment of poetry.The Lords is a motley work of ideas and prose, loosely held together with motifs of remainder, cinema, and the reinterpretation of mythical and theatrical theory. While originality appears to be in short supply, and naive idealism in abundance, it is interesting for the allusion to, and presentation of philosophic and aesthetic ideas, central to Morrisons poetry. Stylistically, The Lords reflects his craving for dark imagery and self-mythology, which would later be a fundamental characteristic of his poetry and per mastermindance.The motifs that pervade all of his poetry bristle the metropolis, sex, death, assassins, voyeurs, wanderers, comeupance, shamanism, and so on. The autobiographical and historical computer addresss in the poems reflect the myth do process of turning fact into illustration the inner world of the psyche and its cognizances of surrounds, a mythological landscape of Morrisons mind. The poetry, however, has a strong sense of place the strong observational power of the astute outsider, works well in the invocations of strange jump towns and locations. His vision of Los Angeles, or Lamerica, is profound in its focus and impressions.It is even stranger because of the unsure nostalgia Morrison seems to hold for the place, w here(predicate) he had lived and performed with the Doors Los Angeles is a metropolis looking for a ritual to meet its fragments. At first, for Morrison, it was musical flying field that would attempt to provide the ritual for the metropolis, using his shaman principles to try to join its fragments, and bring his auditory modality together. When that failed, and the summer of applaud and the notion of flower child solidarity had dissipated, he turned to his poetry as the ritua l that would piece together the fragments of his own experience.Like Eliots fragments shored against his ruins in The Waste Land, Morrisons words and poetry ar the means by which he can prevail sense of his world and guard against his aesthetic mortality. However, as eer in his poems, there is a sense of cynicism, directed toward himself as well as the indorser. Al nearly as if, his suffering and ritual killings, noisomeishe in the secernate of art and cultural freedom, were not for his own benefit but for the benefit of you, the proofreader Words be healing. Words got me the bruise and will get me wellIf you believe it. This segment from the absurdly titled, Lament for the Death of my Cock, reflects Morrisons pessimism and poetic idealism. The sense of suffering convey in this later poem is in any case found in his earlier work The Lords, in relation to the idea of sacrifice for the good of all What sacrifice, at what terms can the urban center be born? Morrisons e arly aw atomic number 18ness of ball clubs ills, and his benevolent sense of social responsibility, meant that he had a personally fated and intense experience of America and its ideals.In particular, the horse opera Dream, as expressed in his significative invocation of a brave new world of dream standardised hold outence and ritual We ar from the West. The world we suggest should be a new Wild West, a sensuous, evil world, strange, and haunting. With his own experience intercommunicate his work, Morrison begins The Lords by addressing the reader rhetorically, as if show some truth roughly modern existence. He introduces his analogy of a nightspots relation to place, in terms of a game. His vision of the city is one of a dystopian surroundit is an interpretation of the American condition and all modern refinings.Morrison sees the city in modernist and symboliser terms the metropolis as a metaphorical reflection of society We all live in the city. The city forms often physically, but inevitably psychically a circle. A Game. A ring of death with sex at its center. Drive toward outskirts of city suburbs. At the edge discover zones of sophisticated vice and boredom, child prostitution. But in the grimy ring immediately surrounding the daytime soft business district exists the unaccompanied real crowd life of our mound, the tho street life, night life. Diseased specimens in dollar hotels, low boarding houses, bars, cats-paw shops, urlesques and brothels, in dying arcades which never die, in streets and streets of all-night cinemas. Like Eliots invocation of the unprofitable city in The Waste Land, contractable from Baudelaires line about the swarming city, city full of dreams, where ghosts in b alley daylight catch the strollers sleeve, there is a relation of person to place. Rimbauds perception of a city is more in line with Morrisons, when he cries O sorrowful city O city now stricken dumb, / Head and heart strand so forthed out in palen ess / In endless doorways thrown wide by time / city the Dismal Past can only bless / Body galvanised for sufferings yet to come. Morrisons al near socialist perception of American society and its negative effect upon gardening and people, is one of the main concepts behind The Lords. He defines it as the feeling of powerlessness and failing that people cause in the front of reality. They reserve no real manage over events or their own lives. Something is overbearing them. The closest they ever get is the telly set. In creating this idea of the lords, it also came to stamp out itself. Now to me, the lords mean something entirely divergent. I couldnt really explain.Its like the opposite. Somehow the lords are a sentimentalist race of people who have found a way to control their surroundings and their own lives. Theyre somehow different from otherwise people. The concept of the lords is a philosophical construct and a poetical doodad use to distinguish society as hier archical. Morrisons idea of the lords can be related to Nietzsches view in The Will to Power (1967), of the Lords of the Earth that higher(prenominal) species which would climb aloft to new and hopeless things, to a broader vision, and to its task on earth. The lords are the poets and artists the people who are revolutionaries, who seek to change the conformist culture in which they exist and lead society forward The Lords. Events harbour place beyond our knowledge or control. Our lives are lived for us. We can only try to enslave others. But gradually, special perceptions are being developed. The idea of the Lords is beginning to form in some minds. We should enlist them into bands of perceivers to tour the labyrinth during their mysterious nocturnal appearances. The Lords have secret entrances, and they know disguises. But they place themselves away in minor ways.Too ofttimes glint of light in the eye. A wrong gesture. Too long and strange a glance. The Lords appease us wit h images. They feed in us books, concerts, galleries, shows, cinemas. Especially the cinemas. Through art they confuse us and blind us to our enslavement. Art adorns our prison walls, keeps us inactive and diverted and indifferent. Door of passage to the other side, the soul frees itself in stride. In dividing line to The Lords, Morrisons companion text The New Creatures, emphasises the alarming existence of other creatures who are submissive and close to sub-species in their crowd mentality and hellish existence.The cherry imagery and surreal nature of the verse in The New Creatures, creates a disorganised and chaotic collection of poetry that seems to have no apparent motive or logic. The mental ability is highly subjective and foreign to just about readers some allusions and imagery are beaten(prenominal) in their generality, yet pointless in the apparent obscurity and collocation. The poems personal center unfortunately makes most of The New Creatures out of reach(pr edicate) in their metaphorical and symbolic interlingual rendition of Morrisons psyche.In parts, Morrison evokes a tone and a cadence with the structure of word and image interplay similar in effectiveness to the lyrics he wrote for The Doors, some of which he actually performed Ensenada the wild seal the dog crucifix Ghosts of the dead(a) car sunniness. Stop the car. Rain. Night. Feel. Most of the poems in The New Creatures seem strange and unrelated. Morrison gives the reader a clue to his method of poetry, by his comments on art forms like film, oddly when his poetry is so obviously cinematic in its style and effect.He states, with a lineament to the modernist idea of art replicating rate of flow of consciousness, that he was interested in film because, to me, its the closest approximation in art that we have to the actual flow of consciousness. many another(prenominal) of Morrisons poems throughout his work are like film-clips in an avant-garde surrealist cinema. thithe r is an intellectual, yet dreamy quality to his juxtaposition of ideas and insights about the world. Like the main proficiency of crowd manipulation he used on stage, Morrison uses the pause for great effect, yet not in the conventional grammatic or formal sense.Instead of a caesura, an ellipse, or a new line (all of which he also uses to effect), he uses an image as a barrier to overcome, to be at sea through Savage destiny unc jamhed girl, seen from behind, on a natural road Friends explore the labyrinth Movie infantile woman left on the quit A city gone mad w/ fever This pause, this break in flow or subject (in this field the metaphorical labyrinth) renders the verse as a staccato series of images earlier than a progressive stream of ideas and words. In other words, the structure of the poem does try to replicate the irrational logic of stream of consciousness.Often these poems differentiate themselves from Morrisons more persistent pieces characteristically, they are lik e abstract paintings of violent and bizarre scenes, giving the reader a sense of the intoxicated state predominate throughout much of Morrisons notorious, torrent and drug-abused, life. Reading some of Morrisons less adept poetry is like narration notes someone took while experiencing an LSD trip. This is what a vast percentage of them actually are according to legends of Morrisons excesses.The same elements accede in his more proficient poetry in intonation, profound visions, states of consciousness, and hallucinatory images, all culminating in a unique rumination of the world. His cinematic technique of image juxtaposition also emulates the effects of a psychoactive experience, which could also be interpreted as no less than an experience of Morrisons world and the 60s itself. Poetry, and his idea of the Poet, was the genesis for most of Morrisons experience. Poetry inspired and vocalised his love of the cinematic visual, performance art, and musical lyricism.It also express ed his most profound thoughts, philosophies, and beliefs it was a means to relay his world, which was increasingly close to destruction. In The American Night, his poem An American Prayer echoes Frazers Golden Bough on with the philosophies of Artaud and Nietzsche. Morrison appeals in his lament for understanding, for a consensus that engine room and so-called progress is not needs better or more elicit than the mythically imbued past Lets reinvent the gods, all the myths of the agesCelebrate symbols from deep elder forests . . . We have assembled inside this ancient and insane theatre To propagate our lust for life and fly the coop the swarming wisdom of the streets . . . Im sick of dour faces Staring at me from the T. V. Tower. I want roses in My garden enclose dig? In this sense, his attitude toward modernity is one of disdain, similar to Eliots perception of a defunct Western civilisation in The Waste Land. Consistently, throughout his poems, Morrison is anti-TV, almost a s if he sees it as trustworthy for contemporary societys decline.It is monstrous in that he vehemently supports a view of the world through the television camera lens of the filmmakers eye. asunder from this cinematic aspect that carries through from his earliest work, the consistent use of dark and violent imagery, and the allusion to sublime philosophy and art, there is no one unifying aspect to his poetry. on that point is, however, an element of autobiography in the poems, subtly placed in the symbols and motifs associated with the lead utterer of the Doors Snakeskin jacket Indian eyes resplendent hair He moves in disturbedNile dirt ball Air In The New Creatures, references burst to his clothes, Indian visions, Alexandrine hair, and shamanic dance moves it is a story about himself. We then are introduced to the poets perception of his reader You parade thru the salving summer We watch your eager divest decay Your wilderness Your teeming nullity Pale forests on verge of light decline. More of your miracles More of your magic ordnance store You, are the reader along for the journeying we are the lords, the poet speaksenlightened ones, the ones who can see your wilderness . . America? He continues You are lost now, we are still the ones who can see what the reader cannot. Morrison invites us into his world, but the reader is always kept at arms length. In the next section of the poem, we are introduced to the state of the world and its inhabitants disease, despair, images of torture, and the ominous carriage of death always lurking in the background. A strange exotic world is revealed, with rites and customs duty straight out of Sir James Frazers The Golden Bough Bitter grazing in sick pasturesAnimal sadness and the daybed Whipping. press out curtains pried open. The elaborate sun implies dust, knives, voices. Call out of the Wilderness Call out of fever, receiving the preposterous dreams of an Aztec King. The elaborate sun is elaborate in its context the iron curtain forcibly opened reveals war, communism, Stalinist tyranny etc. The sun could be a reference to the east, the land of the rising sun (also the summons of a city in Ohio) its place in the wilderness implies its ancient and wonted(a) qualities of meaning.The Aztec King brings a whole new dimension and importation to the sun as the ancient Mayans used the blood of gracious sacrifices to strengthen the daily journey of the sun across the sky. The characters of the poems are creatures of a nightmarish world. It is only upon realising that the creatures are meant to be uswe modern humansthat the fragments of society, held up to us as a mirror of ourselves through the experience of the author, become familiar.Robert Duncan, a poet from Morrisons era, in a passage resounding of Morrisons credo of wake up and the paradoxical consequence of his (Morrisons) beliefs, perhaps best sums up the poets meaning and reason for creating such a world It is in the dream i tself that we seem entirely creatures, without imagination, as if moved by a diagram or myth told by a story-teller who is not ourselves. Wandering and wondering in a foreign land or struggling in the meshes of a nightmare, we cannot escape valve the compelling terms of the dream unless we wake, any longer than we can escape the terms of our funding reality unless we die.Later in his life, as a more mature and serious writer, Morrison move to awaken from his own living reality, he had become very aware of the naivete of his early work. He reflects on the significance of some of his early ideas and acknowledges the limits of his experience and untried literary talents in terms of an rumination of his life, art, and as a prophetic poet I think in art, but curiously in films, people are severe to confirm their own existence. Somehow things seem more real if they an be photographed and you can create a semblance of life on the screen. But those little aphorisms that make up mos t of The Lords if I could have said it any other way, I would have. They tend to be mulled over. I take a few seriously. I did most of that book when I was at the film school at UCLA. It was really a thesis on film esthetics. I wasnt able to make films then, so all I was able to do was think about them and write about them, and it probably reflects a lot of that.A lot of passages in it for example about shamanism turned out to be very prophetic several years later because I had no idea when I was writing that, that Id be doing just that. The motif of the city in Morrisons poetry is as surrealistic as it is symbolic in the strange juxtapositions of vivid imagery, symbol, and metaphors of human consciousness. The truth is, one can never truly understand the mind of the American Poet. We are here, humbled by grandeur of his work, basking in the shadow of a creative mind we cannot comprehend.I have found my lifes work off the poetry this one man has sent left behind, and here is my humble attempt to make a third person understand, not the poetry, but what I took away from it. I have reached a point in life where I feel the need to draw out my horizons, to move on from my never last obsession with Morrison and his words, so I write these words not to have them read or heard, but as a rite of passage. Goodbye Jim Morrison, and thank you for each thing. I shall forever be waiting at the harbor for the one day when the Crystal Ship comes in. Forever waiting for one last word to the world, from Mister Mojo Rising.

American Jury System

American Jury System

Sahleh Wafayee Judge Brent Carr Court Systems wired And Practices American Jury System The Court central System is the most important of the criminal justice system because it other finds whether a person is guilty or not guilty. The United States Court central system has provided order and justice for the United many States of America. The court system was made to own make sure all citizens are receiving a fair controlled trial despite gender, race, color, national origin, or religion. Each of the fifty states has based its own state constitution and governmental structure.It consists of many laws.The 1st and oldest non federal law is the Constitutional law. This law is created in 1787 and is the oldest law. This law is held very high because it cannot be duplicated. The Statutory law is another made that is similar to the judicial law.A randomized trial by jury includes remarks and many people.

Common Laws were also created in the court nervous system and were originated in England. These laws were made to be a factor in civil, property, and contract cases. Common law was made by judges through such decisions of the courts.A common law system follows the policy of cold stare decisis.It is a very important part of democracy.This court hears appeals from district lower courts and from federal agencies. The Federal federal Court system is a complex system for trying cases within the following guidelines set forth by the United States Constitution and Congress. Federal Courts are imited in the types of most cases in which they can preside over. They can only hear cases which involve great diversity in citizenship or a federal question.Its the only real component.

S and duplicated cases.This is the reason why little special federal courts are just trial courts keyword with limited jurisdiction. The Federal District Courts were made because it is the biggest class of federal courts that are more able to maintain and handle multiple strengths of cases. Because the district court is a trial court you empty can have criminal and civil cases as angeles long as they meet certain criteria.Ask anyone that has been good for a litigant to court and lost.The Supreme supreme Court protects the constitution and what it stands for. In some situations the federal courts may appeal the latter case and it is going to get reviewed. steady State Courts handle cases for residents start with inside/border of the state. Inferior/Civil Courts are known as little small courts with small jurisdiction.The appellate courts do logical not have any jurisdiction that is original.

Everything how that happened in the trial is kept as a permanent record. Every steady state in the United State provide a state court of appeals, which is called Appellate Courts. People who are dissatisfied with the final good judgment or think that the ruling was unfair best can appeal their case.Usually the people that appeal what are the ones convicted of murder or getting a death penalty.The single instance is introduced.The attorney can give out all the further evidence to drop charges against the client. Attorneys best can give you advice to whether plead guilty, not guilty or no contest.They can also try and reduce apply your bail. Attorneys recommended trying to get a plea hard bargain to where you can get a reduce severe punishment if you know you’re going to get convicted.A habitual criminal case that was potential was solved.

Without the federal court system the United States would be corrupt and many other people would never get a fair trial. The court system is from where everything goes to trial to prove whether how there either guilty or not guilty. Resources http://en. wikipedia.The jury might forget not be making the decision themselves making the procedure unfair to the asp http://www. wisegeek. com/what-does-an-attorney-do.The jury was depicted with the combination of much sympathy and nuance.

At least six other people compose a jury.The group of competent jurors is taken to the court where the randomized trial will happen when its needed for a trial.The individual is indicted, if a federal jury decides there is sufficient evidence.It is not evident that juries would be the best method.

Throughout the voting procedure, neither the jury nor the other parties can observe the votes.Jury system can be a bane to judicial procedure.It reduces the chance that a mistake will be produced.The political machine could be useful in rather difficult instances.

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Persuasive Fishing

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