Tuesday, September 10, 2019

ACADEMIC WRITING TASK Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

ACADEMIC WRITING TASK - Essay Example I personally agree that in a diversified nursing environment, respecting individuality and welcoming new comers from various origins are paramount in achieving stability and standardized effective nursing care to a diversified patient population. Increased tolerance of diversity in ethnicity, gender, and backgrounds of the new generation nurses had been a significant factor that answered the dilemma of nursing shortage for the past years. According to Suhr (2009, pp.21-22), the shortage of nurses has led to increase the number of foreign skilled nurses in the workforce, whilst the nursing education rendered a significant number of male and advance in age new graduate nurses. Thus, we are encouraged to be more tolerant in matters of cultural differences and few flaws in English language in the working arena, whilst nurse educators need to adjust in their teaching and motivation skills to the new set of students. Suhr added that the new genre of graduate nurses should be welcomed for they are multi-talented and diverse, especially those who are second-degree holders whose professional maturity holds a promising performance in the working environment. Foreign-educated nurses have been considered important in lifting the nursing shortage in many western nations. The National Foundation for American Policy (2007, p.2) presented the rate of foreign-educated registered nurses in the workforce of the following countries: New Zealand-23%, United Kingdom-8%, Ireland-8%, Canada-6%, and United States-3.7%. In the U.S., the call for embracing diversity in nursing and nursing education was heightened after realizing the pattern of change in this environment. These changes include an increase to 10.7% (as of 2009) registered nurses in the workforce from minority backgrounds, a significant surge in the number of men in the workforce from 5.8% in 1980 to 273.2% in 2004, and pursuit for baccalaureate and higher degrees in nursing education among minority groups were

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