Friday, September 27, 2019

Free Speech or Blatant Cuber-terrorism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Free Speech or Blatant Cuber-terrorism - Essay Example An organization like the New York Daily News praised this effort by Wiki Leaks, denoting it had changed the manner in which news was gathered, and disseminated. Freedom of speech is an important pillar that guides the political, social, and economic environments of United States (Beckett and Ball, 2012). All democracies promote freedom of speech, irrespective of whether the information provided is good to the government or not. It is important to explain that democratic governments normally encourage criticisms. By releasing this information, the founder of Wiki Leaks was criticizing the diplomatic and military strategies of United States (Beckett and Ball, 2012). This is because some of the information released talked about the negative perceptions that the American government had towards some world leaders, and their governments. Wiki Leaks is not cyber terrorism, and its founder is not responsible for abetting or aiding terrorism. Instead, Wiki Leaks is a media organization that aims at promoting freedom of speech, and that of the

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