Monday, September 9, 2019

Human Resource Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 11

Human Resource Management - Essay Example Employees may submit, in writing, any comments or documentation related to their job performance. If a performance review contains a recommendation to refute a salary increase, the supervisor or Chief Executive Officer must give clear and logical action for the employee to follow to get the increment. An employee’s performance must be re-evaluated after six months and, if required, the increment is permissible. Informal reviews may take place throughout the year; however, for any information to be included in the employee’s personnel file, the review must hold a written document read and signed by the employee. Other than the formal review and any informal reviews conducted by employees’ supervisor, the Executive Director can talk about performance with any employee regularly. Such discussions may be followed up by written statement, a copy of which will be placed in the staff member’s file. Health Benefits: The employees are given a choice between HMO (health maintenance organization) and a PPO (preferred provider organization). Also, the Company will bear 80 percent of the cost of medical insurance for employees and their dependents. Dental coverage is also included in the health benefit. The Vision plan is also a part of the health benefit offered by the Company which includes free yearly eye test and an annual allowance for new glasses or contact lenses.   Based on the judgment of the Chief Executive Officer, the Company may top up an employee’s salary while he/she is on short-term disability. The amount of the â€Å"top up† will be one-third of the staff person’s salary at the time of the disability leave. Educational Assistance: The Company also offers financial back up for educational assistance for the employees and his/her immediate family. This entails in-house educational programmes for the employees, scholarships and educational loans for employees’ children. Our Company believes in safeguarding the rights of female

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